Malia Obama Mugging It Up With Mystery Guy — Reports In U.S. Headlines Vs. World Headlines On Malia’s PDA

Malia Obama, the eldest daughter of President Obama, is not only considered someone very fascinating by people of the United States, she has also captured the eyes of the world if the latest headlines are any indication. It was over the weekend that Malia was pictured in a video and photos kissing a young man at a college football game.

While some of the reports coming from the U.S. seemed a bit negative when reporting Malia’s events of the weekend, the headlines from around the globe appeared to celebrate Malia’s teen embrace with this young man. There was a “Student Love” description coming from a Lithuanian article and a “first kiss” description coming from a German post. Of course, an article out of France was all about “amour.”

Some articles that originated in the U.S. were also expressing a more joyful occasion rather than a negative one. But others seemed to find this public display of affection more on the negative side and pondered what Barack Obama would say about his daughter’s kiss. Some suggested that Malia appeared to be the one to initiate this kiss, according to Blasting News.

While watching the video, you get to see this rather quick, yet passionate embrace between Malia Obama and a mystery boyfriend. According to TMZ, the teen in the picture is Malia Obama. The kiss she shared was nothing more than an ordinary kiss for a girl her age. Still, some reports don’t seem to see it as a generic event for a girl her age.

This Malia Obama kiss, which has now been seen around the world in the video and pictures, happened in New Haven, Connecticut, over the weekend, where the former first daughter was in a crowd of tailgaters at the Harvard-Yale football game. As you can see in the video above, Malia and a boy are embracing in a kiss, which is described as a rather passionate display of public affection, by various articles from around the nation today.

Malia Obama is with an unidentified young man, but many are assuming he is a fellow student and new love interest for the former first daughter. They are embracing in this kiss with the crowd seemingly oblivious to what this couple is doing. That is except for a woman who walks up behind them as her eyes seem to be fixated on the PDA. Then a man comes into the picture and holds one finger up as if to say he needs their attention for a minute. The two stop kissing and the man approaches the couple holding something in his hand, which looks like a cell phone. He then shows the two something on that cell phone and they talk for a second before the video ends.

Some media sites are showing this video on a loop, where it gives the impression of the former first daughter being enthralled in quite the makeout session, but as you can see in the video above, while the kiss looks passionate, it was more fleeting than a long lingering embrace. Many of the articles point to the former president, Barack Obama, with people wondering what his reaction will be once getting a look at this Malia video making the rounds.

While some of the media sites in the U.S. are reporting this incident and then ending it on a rather negative side, the world headlines seem to celebrate the teen’s kiss. There is one place where you will find plenty of support for Malia and her weekend event of living it up out in the open and that is on the various social media sites.

Despite how the look of this embrace is described, it is really no one’s business but Malia Obama and the boy she is sharing this moment with. According to what a previous article from the Inquisitr reports, when it comes to the comments on the social media sites today people are suggesting that the media leave her alone and let her live her life as a college student.

With a little help from Google translation, you can see what the headlines from around the world have to say about Malia seeming to find young love. (While things often get lost in translation, this translation may not be 100 percent accurate, but this is close enough to get an idea of what the world headlines have to say:

Greek: “H Malia Obama εθεάθη να φιλά ένα μυστηριώδες αγόρι,” which translates to “Malia Obama seemed to kiss a mysterious boy.”

Vietnamese: “Malia Obama bị bắt gặp hôn chàng trai bí ẩn,” and according to Google Translate this says “Malia Obama is caught kissing a mysterious guy.”

Lithuanian: “Studentiška meilė: Baracko Obamos dukra Malia nufotografuota besibučiuojanti su vaikinu,” which loosely means, “Student love: Barack Obama’s daughter Malia shot up with boyfriend.”

Polish: “Malia Obama całuje się z chłopakiem,” which translates to “Malia Obama is kissing her boyfriend.”

Dutch: “Malia Obama zoenend gespot” when this is translated into English it reads, “Malia Obama spotted kissing.”

German: “Malia Obama (19) genießt Uni-Leben in Harvard | Erst Kuss, dann Kippe!” Translated by Google this means, “Malia Obama (19) enjoys college life at Harvard | First kiss, then tip!”

Malayalam: “ചുംബിക്കുന്നു, സിഗരറ്റ് വലിക്കുന്നു: ഒബാമയുടെ മകളുടെ പിന്നാലെ…”, which means, “Kisses, cigarettes are right: Obama’s daughter.”

French: “Malia Obama : c’est l’amour à Harvard,” this translates to ” Malia Obama: it’s love at Harvard.”

Spanish: “Captan a Malia Obama besando a joven en Harvard; imágenes causan revuelo,” which means, “They capture Malia Obama kissing young man at Harvard; images cause a stir.”

Hindi: “लड़के को किस कर रही थीं बराक ओबामा की बड़ी बेटी मालिया, कैमरे में हुई कैद,” which translates to, “Barack Obama’s Big Daughter Malia, Captured In Camera.”

These headlines are just a handful from around the globe, which seem to indicate there is still a fascination with not only the former president but his oldest daughter as well.

[Featured Image by Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Images]