Lydia McLaughlin Slammed For Being A Bad Christian After ‘Ugly’ ‘RHOC’ Reunion Behavior

Lydia McLaughlin decided she wanted to come back to The Real Housewives of Orange County this season after spending some time away from the spotlight. When Lydia had previously filmed the show, she thought it was too dramatic for her, and she wanted nothing to do with the ladies or the drama. During the reunion special, McLaughlin walked off in tears because she was shocked at how rude the ladies were being. But during this reunion special, McLaughlin didn’t hold back. Since she prides herself on being a Christan, fans are now distancing themselves from her, revealing that they are not happy with her.

According to a new Instagram photo, Lydia McLaughlin revealed she was ready for the reunion special, and she encouraged people to tune in. However, people were not happy about her behavior during the reunion special. Some of her followers felt that she was too critical of Shannon Beador, who had clearly gone through quite the emotional heartbreak as her marriage has ended. While people were skeptical of Lydia’s return because they thought she would be too boring, McLaughlin is now angering fans because she was too aggressive with her co-stars.

“Just watched the reunion show and though I liked you before, I don’t any longer. Your attitude in the first 25 mins was so UGLY! If that’s how Christians act, I don’t want to be one!! Great witness,” one fan wrote to Lydia, while another added, “I hated every time she called Shannon crazy or psycho…those words bother me with all of the stigma attached to mental health these days.”

It sounds like people are surprised that Lydia McLaughlin is so outspoken, and they are not happy that she was very defensive. People revealed that they used to respect her, but they were not fans of her anymore. On the reunion special, McLaughlin had to relive her comments about a psychic, about her confrontation with Shannon Beador, and about the drag bingo event. Lydia pointed out Shannon’s retweet where she mocked Lydia’s behavior during drag bingo. She revealed she was hurt that Shannon supported a fan who hinted she was homophobic. As McLaughlin revealed, she had unfollowed her at that time on social media. Fans thought she overreacted.

Lydia McLaughlin revealed she felt confident this season, and it is possible that she will return for a future season of The Real Housewives of Orange County. There are rumors that the cast will be replaced, so McLaughlin may not return next year.

[Featured Image by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Eurocar]