2017 Thanksgiving Hours: Are Banks Open? Will There Be Mail Delivery On Thursday Or All Weekend?

It is just a few days until Thanksgiving Day, and Black Friday is right after it, and that means a long holiday weekend with altered hours, closed doors, and a lot more you need to know about. While there will be many stores and restaurants open and others closed, many are wondering about some other everyday locations and businesses and their hours. So, are banks open? Will there be mail delivery? Are UPS and FedEx working and operating?

Heading out to do some big-time shopping of the huge sales or to get last-minute items at the grocery is something that everyone is thinking about right now. What people may fail to realize is that there will be alterations to their everyday routines, and you need to know the hours and schedules before you waste your time.

Are banks open on Thanksgiving or through the weekend?

Everyone knows that banks usually aren’t open long on Saturdays and are closed on Sundays, but this is technically a long holiday weekend. With Thanksgiving taking place on a Thursday as always, banks will be closed, as shown by the Holiday Schedule.

Now, what about the rest of the weekend?

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Some banks will usually stay closed throughout an entire holiday weekend, but they realize just how much money will be spent on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. The majority of banks will be closed on Thursday, but they will reopen on Friday and have limited hours on Saturday.

A number of banks will still have their online banking services and customer service lines open on Thursday.

As always, check with your local branch before heading out on Friday, though. Some may keep their doors locked, and that is especially true with smaller branches and some credit unions.

Will there be mail delivery from the United States Postal Service (USPS)?

While there is still plenty of time to send out packages and cards before Christmas, don’t bother trying to actually do it on Thanksgiving Day. There will be no mail delivery or pick-up of any kind from the United States Postal Service on Thursday, November 23, 2017, but regular service will resume on Friday.

Will FedEx or UPS deliver and pick up over the Thanksgiving weekend?

There are many different levels of FedEx deliveries and you need to know which ones are operational over Thanksgiving and which aren’t. According to the official website for FedEx, here is all you need to know for this week.

There will be regular operating hours for all FedEx departments on November 22, but things will be modified throughout the rest of the weekend.

  • November 23 — All deliveries are halted and everything is closed
  • November 24 — FedEx Express will have modified service, but all other services are open
  • November 25 — FedEx Express will have modified service, FedEx Ground will be closed, but other services will be open
thanksgiving day 2017 black friday banks hours mail delivery holiday fedex ups
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For those wanting to use UPS this weekend, you won’t have much luck there either. On Tuesday, there will be all normal delivery and service, but packages picked up on November 21 won’t be delivered until Friday, November 24, according to their official website.

  • November 22 — Normal pick-up and delivery; Next Day Air picked up will be delivered on Friday; 2nd Day Air delivered on Monday, November 27 except if processed and labeled for Saturday, November 25
  • November 23 — No pick-up or delivery, but UPS Express Critical will still be available
  • November 24 — Normal pick-up and delivery service in all areas

The Thanksgiving holiday and Black Friday will make for a very busy weekend in 2017, but there are some places that will simply recognize and honor the time of year. You may head out to do some shopping and have a festive meal with family, but don’t look to do business at your bank all weekend or receive packages because it simply isn’t happening.

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