‘Dragon Ball Super’ Teases The Defeat Of Another Powerful Fighter

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Dragon Ball Super has eliminated two universes so far since the start of the Universal Survival Arc’s highlight called the Tournament of Power. The Omni-King has annihilated Universes 9 and 10 with Frost as the first warrior to get obliterated alone, and not the entire universe. It’s been a while since the eradication took place, but it seems that the next episode is set to take down another powerful warrior. That said, this warrior’s universe is in danger of annihilation.

The titles and synopsis of Dragon Ball Super Episodes 117 – 118 have also been released, and Todd Blankenship shared his translation for the English-speaking fans. The upcoming episode titled “Showdown of Love! Androids vs. Universe 2” will showcase the battle between Universes 2 and 7 warriors. Team U2 has five surviving fighters at this time including Brianne de Chateau, who badly wants to win the tournament so everyone would admire her.

Goku has again transformed into Ultra Instinct when he recently fought off the girl fusion Kafla that weakened his stamina. Brianne de Chateau’s magical girl transformation named Ribrianne targets the hero as he is now vulnerable due to his waning energy. Fortunately, Androids 17 and 18 will go to his rescue, which might overthrow Ribrianne and her comrades. Apparently, it will lead to their home’s obliteration.

Looking at the title of Dragon Ball Super Episode 118, it seems that Ribrianne’s home could be the next universe to get annihilated. Titled “Accelerating Drama: A Universe Disappears…!” it looks like the magical girl and the rest of her team members will be ousted thanks to Androids 17 and 18. Comic Book also suggested this possibility given the strength that team Universe 2 has.

However, some fans are also thinking about Universe 6 that recently lost the battle against Goku. Kale and Caulifla were kicked out of their fusion when the hero fired a massive Kamehameha whilst in his Ultra Instinct form. With the loss of the two female Saiyan fighters, team U6 only has the two Namekian warriors remaining, although the tag-team Gohan and Piccolo have had a hard time fighting them.

On the other hand, Brianne de Chateau specializes in different transformations and Ribrianne is just one of them. She recklessly fights, throwing unlimited punches that overwhelm her opponents. It has also been teased that she will have another transformation, but that might not work against the twin Androids. The twins are known for their formidable powers and their chance to stand out in the battle royal is finally happening. They’d better be good.

U7 fighters in Tournament of Powwer on Dragon Ball Super
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