Aretha Franklin Reportedly Dead, 1942-2017, After Battle With Cancer: Fake Twitter Account, Reports Unconfirmed

On Tuesday, a conversation about Aretha Franklin that suggests she is dead or is near death is trending on Twitter. Apparently, the ruckus began when a fake account by the Queen of Soul contained a picture of Franklin with a date of birth and date of death. However, as of this writing, there has been no confirmation that Aretha Franklin has passed away or is suffering through the final stages of cancer.

The account purports to be the “Official Twitter of the Undisputed Queen of Soul.” However, it does not contain the familiar “Verified” checkmark that has passed the microblogging site’s tests for authenticity. A link attached to the unofficial Aretha Franklin account points users to Aretha’s music on Apple iTunes.

“It Is With Sad News That We Announce The Passing Of The Queen Of Soul Aretha Franklin, 1942-2017, #RipArethaFranklin, #ArethaFranklin”

Aretha Franklin’s official Twitter account has no information to support her allegedly failing health and being near death. What is more, the last tweet has a date of March 6, 2015, that reads, “Wonderful speaking to @AmericanIdol contestants. Stay true to yourself & you’ll go far. #ArethaOnIdol #ArethaSings.”

A search of Aretha’s official website has no posted statements about her health. The last message to fans is dated Nov. 8 and contains information about Franklin’s support of Elton John’s 25th annual gala for the AIDS Foundation. The event raised over $4 million in the current year.

This is the fake account.

A Google search of “Aretha Franklin” shows no current, credible, and “hard news” sources that support reports that Franklin is ailing and on her deathbed. Furthermore, there are no live reports from CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, Bloomberg, BBC World News, One America News, local affiliates and any other conventional news brand with reports about anything related to Aretha Franklin as of this writing.

The site, Newsone, followed up on the rumors about Aretha Franklin’s death and learned that the information lacked hard news confirmation. Fameolous Daily that published a post about the R&B icon’s deteriorating health also fuels the unconfirmed report of the singer’s passing. It claimed to have an “exclusive” report on the imminent death of Aretha Franklin.

The site’s headline reads, “Aretha Franklin Not Doing Good And May Pass Soon Due To Cancer; Celebrities Are At The Hospital Saying Goodbye.” A search through the Twitter string shows that no celebrities have tweeted about the trending death rumor.

Franklin dismissed similar speculation in 2011. Then, news spread that Aretha was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer and underwent emergency surgery.

Inquisitr cannot independently confirm rumors that Aretha Franklin is dead or near death.

[Featured Image by Andy Kropa/Invision/AP]