Pink Reportedly Hated Christina Aguilera’s AMA Whitney Houston Tribute: Singers Still Feuding?

Pink’s feud with Christina Aguilera is far from over, according to a new report.

While the singer admitted in an interview last year that she no longer had a problem with X-tina, following their decade-long distaste for one another, it would seem that the “Beautiful Trauma” hitmaker still feels a certain way about her frenemy.

Sources tell Radar Online that during last night’s American Music Awards, when Christina took to the stage for a tribute performance to Whitney Houston, the cameras often focused their attention on Pink’s reaction to what she was witnessing.

Insiders reveal that Pink knew the cameras were on her the whole time, so as soon as she was aware she was being taped to show a reaction, she couldn’t come up with anything but the awkward facial gesture while hearing Aguilera sing.

Radar Online claims that Pink was far from impressed, despite taking to social media later on and stressing that she thought Christina had done a superb job during her performance.

It’s further insinuated that Pink didn’t feel as if X-tina needed to take on a Whitney Houston song because it’s so out of her range and hard for any other singer to pay tribute to, at least if they are singing it in the original style of the track.

What’s more to the story is that some part of Aguilera’s vocals also weren’t sitting with Pink, who felt the delivery was less than great at times, calling certain parts as completely “weak.”

Pink’s supposed opinions regarding the performance echoed with those from fans, who felt as if Christina was a bad choice for the tribute to begin with.

The names of Brandy, Mariah Carey, and Celine Dion were brought up on social media, stressing that these artists, in particular, would have done a better job than Aguilera because their range matches Whitney’s own, evidently giving a less awkward performance, as one described it.

Christina has remained rather quiet on the thoughts of others.

Despite having made endless headlines, there are no plans for the songstress to respond to fans or to Pink.

Pink, though having denied shading the performance, certainly seemed distressed when her facial expression was shown during the tribute.

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