Kim Kardashian Feuding With Surrogate For Getting More Attention: ‘KUWTK’ Star Jealous

Kim Kardashian is livid over the amount of attention her surrogate is getting, just weeks before she’s expected to give birth to her third child.

The surrogate came about following doctor’s orders to Kim and Kanye West that if the twosome were to try having a baby the natural way, it could cause severe problems later on in the pregnancy, which became the ultimate reason Kardashian opted out.

But now that the surrogate is close to giving birth, all that friends and family want to hear is how the baby is doing and what the unidentified surrogate is up to, which is driving Kim Kardashian insane.

She’s annoyed by the supposed fact that friends are constantly asking for details about the surrogate, her well-being, her whereabouts, and how she’s coping, an insider reveals.

Radar Online, who quotes the source, goes on to spill that Kim is angry about it because she is notoriously known for loving attention, and now it feels as if the only thing that her friends and family want to talk about is the surrogate and her third baby.

It’s even mentioned that when Kim has discussions with her husband, Kanye is only interested in hearing about the surrogate and the forthcoming arrival of their third child, which is driving Kardashian insane.

She feels like people around her are no longer paying attention to her, and for Kim Kardashian, as the source explains, it’s been something she’s really not able to adjust to since she loves being the center of attention at all times.

With that said, Kim is definitely looking forward to becoming a mother-of-three, having made endless plans for the nursery she plans on having in her Hidden Hills mansion, along with the designer clothes she’s already picked out for her baby.

The outlet concludes by saying that Kim Kardashian even joked about her pregnancy nightmares, saying that she’s somewhat gutted she will never be able to carry another child since those months were the only time she didn’t have to remain on a strict diet.

Kim, as seen on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, feels beyond offended when social media users slam her for gaining the slightest amount of weight and therefore feels the need live up to society’s expectations.

[Featured Image by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images]