Matthew McConaughey Shows Up At Front Doors With Turkeys In Tow — Watch How Unsuspecting Residents React

Matthew McConaughey knocked on doors and rang doorbells around one lucky town recently, giving away a boatload of Thanksgiving turkeys. These Butterball Turkeys were given out in time for Thanksgiving to the unsuspecting people of Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. This was no small feat on the part of the actor as McConaughey and his team delivered 4,500 Butterball Turkeys to a town that 11,000 people call home. Can you imagine having the famous actor himself showing up at your home offering this door-to-door service and sporting a smile with a turkey in tow?

McConaughey hinted to this undertaking on his Facebook page a while back, but now he’s posted a video for all to see and the residents of Lawrenceburg offered up all kinds of reactions to a free turkey handed to them by the Hollywood hunk. The video of this endeavor is posted above.

The Butterball Turkey giveaway featuring McConaughey was done in partnership with Wild Turkey and the town that received these free turkeys is the town where this bourbon company has its headquarters, according to People Magazine. The YouTube video posted by the actor is titled: “Wild Turkey Bourbon & Matthew McConaughey Give Back for Thanksgiving.”

McConaughey looked nothing like the suave and debonair man seen in those car commercials where he is in a suit and all groomed up for a night out on the town. No, this McConaughey was in jeans and a denim jacket with a baseball cap topping off the outfit that a farmer might wear. He looked like a man who just got off a tractor, not like a man who drives that luxury car.

The YouTube video went up today and as Wild Turkey writes, it’s “just in time for Thanksgiving.” Matthew delivered the turkeys which were “donated by Butterball,” the YouTube caption reads. People Magazine describes the reaction to McConaughey showing up at front doors are as “sweet as you’d imagine.”

One woman tells the actor, “Look at me, I’m shaking! I don’t shake.” A man McConaughey happened upon said to him, “Do you have celebrity status insurance liability for people who are going to have heart attacks?” Matthew had so much fun with this as he kept going like the Energizer Bunny with Turkeys in his hand.

He even crashed a bridal party offering up turkey to the bride. He joked with the folks at this party, “You said you wanted a turkey on your wedding day, right?”

Needless to say, there’s going to be a lot of backstories told at the Thanksgiving dinner tables in Lawrenceburg this year. Proud hosts throughout the town will turn to their guests to announce that the Turkey they are about to devour was delivered by Mathew McConaughey’s own hands.

[Featured Image by Diego Corredor/AP Images]