WWE Rumors: Brock Lesnar Injured During ‘Survivor Series’ Match With AJ Styles — How Serious Is It?

Last night at WWE’s Survivor Series, the superstars from both Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live battled it out for brand supremacy and Team Red won, but at what cost? Once all was said and done, Raw had won the most matches to take the overall win on the evening, but there are rumors circulating that one of their major stars may have paid the price. Once Brock Lesnar defeated AJ Styles cleanly in the ring, the “Beast Incarnate” may have walked out with an injury.

The match between the beast and the “Phenomenal One” was actually one of the best of the year in WWE, and fans loved seeing these two face off. Lesnar delivered some brutal shots to Styles who almost got the best of him, but the Universal Champion walked out with the win and a little wobbly.

According to Sportskeeda, near the end of the match, Lesnar caught Styles with a knee which allowed him to set up the WWE Champion for an F-5. After Lesnar hit the F-5, he was able to cleanly pin Styles and keep Monday Night Raw in the race for brand supremacy.

Rumor has it that the knee he delivered to Styles may have connected wrong.

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Throughout the match, Lesnar had delivered some devastating knee shots to Styles in the middle of the ring as well as in the corners. It took its toll on Styles, but a few untimely misses also ended up affecting Lesnar as well.

Once the match was over, Brock Lesnar left the ring and he appeared to have a bit of a limp. That hitch to his step may have been an injury or it could have been him selling the effects of multiple knees and Styles locking in the Calf Crusher for a while earlier in the night.

While rumors of Lesnar being injured at Survivor Series did start making the rounds, it appears they may have been no truth to them. Wrestling News Source reported that he hobbled up the ramp, but he was doing nothing more than selling the damage he suffered during the match.

Survivor Series turned out to be a pretty good pay-per-view for WWE with a number of decent matches for one of the better events of the year. Brock Lesnar vs. AJ Styles ended up being one of the shining spots of the night, but it almost cost Monday Night Raw their top star. Even though he was hobbling around after all was said and done, it appears anything saying Lesnar was injured was nothing more than a rumor.

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