November 20, 2017
Is Meghan King Edmonds Pregnant? 'RHOC' Star Trying For A Boy With IVF

Meghan King Edmonds may not have been happy when Peggy Sulahian criticized her for letting Aspen cry in an effort to sleep train her baby when the ladies were in Iceland earlier this year. But it sounds like Peggy hasn't changed her mind about becoming a mother once again. During the Real Housewives of Orange County finale, Meghan asked her husband if it was time to explore having another baby. He didn't say no, but rather "stay tuned." In the written update, it was revealed that Meghan was undergoing IVF to get pregnant and they were hoping to get a boy.

This was the last update fans have received from the couple. Last time Meghan was pregnant, they announced it via a magazine as a new season of The Real Housewives of Orange County was about to begin. King Edmonds hasn't announced anything and it's possible fans won't get an update on the reunion special. According to her Instagram account, Meghan King Edmonds hasn't announced anything in regards to a baby online either. But there could be a perfectly reasonable explanation for this. The reality is that they may want to wait until the three-month mark to share the news.

It has only been a few months since the ladies filmed the last episode of the Real Housewives of Orange County. During that episode, King Edmonds only brought up the fact that she wanted a baby with her husband. Plus, the written update did reveal that they were trying to have a boy, but this could just be wishful planning. It is possible that they haven't actually gone through any of the IVF procedures and plan on starting after the holidays. But one thing is for sure: Meghan wants another baby and she's ready to go through her IVF journey to have another baby in the home. Fans hope she will share this journey on the next season of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Meghan King Edmonds could be expecting a baby these days, but it may be too early in the pregnancy to share anything. To learn more about a potential pregnancy, stay tuned to Meghan's social media profiles.

[Featured Image by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Ju-Ju-Be]