Duggar Family News: Mother Of Derick Dillard Denies He Lives Life Of Privilege

Derick Dillard’s fundraiser has spawned a war of words between Duggar family supporters and critics. Cathy Dillard has come out in Derick’s defense by taking critics head-on.

Derick Dillard is seeking $10,000 to fund missionary activities in the U.S. and abroad. Those critical of the campaign are asking Derick about funds donated to Dillard Family Ministries. Derick returned to the U.S. with wife Jill Duggar and son Israel earlier this year from a mission to El Salvador. Critics have questioned Dillards’ need for fundraisers, pointing to their earnings from Duggar family shows 19 Kids and Counting and, later, Counting On, as well as demanding accounts of how those donations were spent.

A Twitter user who questioned the Duggar family son-in-law’s tax compliance later deleted the tweet but not before admitting that Dillard family ministries had indeed complied with the law. She then took a dig at Derick’s lifestyle, calling it “privileged.”

“I questioned whether he was in compliance with 501(c) filing regulations. Dillard Family Ministries apparently didn’t operate long enough to require itemization of expenditures. The optics of the Dillard’s privileged lifestyle speak volumes, but they are complying with tax law,” the tweet reads.

Referring to her son’s family life in Central America, Cathy Dillard came to Derick’s defense by questioning claims of privilege.

The Duggar-in-law’s response evoked sharp reactions.

“Sorry, but 19 Kids and Counting? Counting On? The Duggar family and spouses are extremely privileged. If Derick is serving missions, that’s good…but he is privileged simply by merit of who he is married to. His father in law is Jim-Bob who pays for everything,” another user tweeted.

The Twitter user whose tweet evoked a response from Derick Dillard’s mother responded by mentioning Derick and Jill Duggar’s trips to Arkansans while on a mission trip.

“I beg to differ. We all know Jill and Derick were living in a cushy house with high end appliances, air conditioning, and 24/7 security when they were in El Salvador. Nice to know they could use their donations to fly back to NWA several times though,” one of the tweets reads in response to Cathy’s tweet.


Jill Duggar and her husband’s fundraiser campaigns have always been questioned by Duggar family fans and critics, but Derick’s ongoing fundraiser has raised more hackles than before, as it comes on the heels of his ouster from Counting On. TLC reportedly cut ties with Derick for his views on transgender people, USA Today reported. Fans and critics have also called him out for airing his views on transgender teen Jazz Jennings.

Criticism notwithstanding, the friends and family of the Duggars have donated to the fundraiser, but the Duggars did not feature it on their social media, unlike in the past. His controversial brother-in-law Josh Duggar contributed and was acknowledged in a thank you video Derick shared. Duggar family’s website, Facebook, and Instagram have not featured Jill and Derick after Joseph Duggar’s wedding. Most responses to his fundraiser suggested he fund himself while alleging lack of transparency in expenses, despite his claims to the contrary.

Cathy Dillard drew more flak when she weighed in with another response to the fundraiser, opining it was not out of the norm to seek funds for missionary work.

[Featured Image by Jill Dillard/Instagram]