November 20, 2017
Vicki Gunvalson's Fans Beg Her To Stay On 'The Real Housewives Of Orange County'

Vicki Gunvalson is the longest-standing housewife in the entire franchise around the world. Vicki started filming The Real Housewives of Orange County when the show first started, and back then, the show was far from dramatic. Gunvalson didn't talk about her marriage in detail, no one knew about any cheating scandals, and her business was safe from any public criticism. However, these days Vicki is threatening to quit the show because she's tired of constantly being bashed by her co-stars. She feels she can do nothing right and is tired of trying to prove herself.

The previews for the upcoming Real Housewives of Orange County reunion special look dramatic, and Vicki is caught saying she's off the show. This isn't the first time she has threatened to quit, but people are concerned that she may stick to her word this time. According to a new Instagram post, Vicki Gunvalson encouraged fans to tune into the reunion special, which starts tonight on Bravo. But fans were more concerned about her leaving the show than watching the reunion special. These days, Gunvalson is very happy with Steve Lodge, and she has everything she's ever wanted. This would be a prime time to walk away from the show.

"I have seen some of the previews and Tamra made a remark that you don't look good in anything, this is why I'm not looking forward to it. For the last two years you have been the target of their bashing, and I saw where you said you were down with this show. Please don't let them make you quit. You are the show!" one person wrote to Vicki, while others chimed in about not leaving the show because of the mean girls, referring to Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador.

Last time Vicki Gunvalson opened up about a relationship on the show, she lost friends and business. She was devoted to Brooks Ayers, but when he was caught lying about having cancer, people had a hard time forgiving him. They wanted him to admit to his mistakes, but he took Vicki down with him. Even though they broke up, Vicki Gunvalson lost all of her friends and her business took a hit. She spent over a year bouncing back, as she had lost customers and credibility. Maybe she doesn't want to risk her family, her happiness and her business again.

Vicki Gunvalson returns tonight on Bravo for the first part of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Fans will have to turn in to see if this is the episode where Vicki walks out and threatens to leave the show.

[Featured Image by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images]