November 20, 2017
Builders Find Alien-Like Creatures With Eerie Eyes Living In Old Barn -- Viral Video Shows Featherless 'Hoot'

Three bizarre-looking creatures captured on video in an old barn by a group of Indian builders do have an alien-like look about them. This might explain why the video went viral once it was seen on the local news. But as spooky and alien as they look, these barn dwellers are not from another world.

These creatures were mistaken as aliens by the builders working on a construction site in Visakhapatnam. The video they released to the local news captured the world's attention because of the odd appearance of these rather fuzzy creatures.

The aliens, or so they were called, had heart-shaped faces with large dark glaring eyes. These features were odd enough, but their long-stick like legs really gave these three barn dwellers a bizarre appearance. Once the curator of the Nehru Zoological Park, Shivani Dongre, saw the video, the zoo offered up an explanation to the media about what they were really looking at and it wasn't otherworldly.

What had been reported as aliens living in a barn were nothing more than a trio of inquisitive adolescent barn owls. They weren't old enough to sprout feathers, but old enough to walk upright on their legs, according to the zoo.

According to the Daily Mail, when these birds are given any attention they tend to "be observant in behavior" which might explain why the birds look so alarmed in the video. The birds were captured in pictures and videos while standing on a flat surface, so the balancing act they did while standing upright gave them that odd gait, adding to that alien-like appearance.

According to the Decan Chronicle, when the alien-looking creatures were first discovered by the builders, locals came to the barn to take pictures of these barn owls, thinking they were aliens. The video did some good after all. Medical experts noted the birds looked malnourished and needed medical attention, which they got thanks to the hoopla over the "alien find."

The barn owls captured in this video are not full-grown, so they lack the feather plumage of an adult owl, giving them that eerie look or "otherworldly appearance," cites the Daily Mail. In the video footage from the news, which is seen above, the birds are standing upright and without their feathers, so they look like something people have seen before in drawings. The owls are long and lanky as many of the images depicting aliens have shown.

According to the experts, the barn owls in this video are adolescents, just moving from that stage of being a chick into adulthood. What you see in the video above is what the barn owl looks like in its early stages of life. Most would agree they look alien-like in appearance in the video, but despite their looks, they are from this world.

If they had a surface on which they could perch like a tree branch, you would have seen these birds gripping that branch, making them look more like owls. These are believed to be eastern barn owls, which is a close relative of the western barn owls seen in Britain and across parts of Europe. The barn owls are a protected species in India.

[Featured Image by rootstock/Shutterstock]