Are Leah Messer And Jeremy Calvert Getting Back Together After Years Apart?

Leah Messer filmed the Teen Mom 2 reunion special a few weeks ago, and while Jeremy Calvert couldn’t be there in person, he did call into the show to talk to Dr. Drew. He wanted to know how things were working out in regard to the co-parenting, and Dr. Drew wanted to hear their thoughts about rumors that they were getting back together. As it turns out, Leah will have to answer Dr. Drew’s question when the second half of the reunion special airs tonight.

Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert got divorced because of Leah’s depression and anxiety. He felt that she had changed, and he wanted his wife back. As it turns out, Leah still loved Jeremy, and she may not have wanted to let go of their marriage. Even though Jeremy has moved on and dated several people since splitting from his ex-wife, none of those relationships have worked. And since they have a daughter together, some people think that they should get back together. According to a new Instagram post, Jeremy Calvert is now reflecting on the past after finding a picture of their little girl Addie. In the post, he revealed how sad he was that time was flying. The photo may have been from when they were together.

Daddy's girl..... So glad I got to attend her party...

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“Omg, my little girl is all grown up now and it’s sad af where has time went. My little chunky monkey isn’t so chunky anymore,” Jeremy revealed on Instagram, tagging Leah Messer in the post.

People asked about their relationship status, and one person even replied, “True love never dies we let it slip away. Rekindle that friendship and start over getting to know each other, complete your family. I feel you guys was meant to be forever and always.”

Even though many people would love to see them get back together, it is possible that they would try and work things out. They do have a baby girl together, and Jeremy accepts Leah’s other two children plus her relationship with her ex-husband Corey Simms. The two guys have gotten along after Leah settled her divorce with Jeremy, so it may be worth it to try the relationship once more. Leah and Jeremy will share their thoughts on getting back together during tonight’s reunion special.

Jeremy Calvert will appear on tonight’s second reunion special, as he will phone in to talk to Dr. Drew about his relationship with Leah Messer. As they have both pointed it, it can be awkward to talk about.

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