Maci Bookout’s Husband Expands Business: Is ‘Teen Mom OG’ Business Thriving?

Maci Bookout told her husband on Teen Mom OG that she would not be helping him out with his business anymore. While filming the show, Taylor McKinney revealed that he had a dream. He wanted to be an entrepreneur and he wanted to own his own t-shirt company. He didn’t start Things That Matter on his own, but he purchased the t-shirt company after realizing that this may be a good fit. Taylor relied on Maci’s help at first, but it sounds like he’s able to run the business by himself and now Bookout can focus on career choices that make her happy.

According to a new tweet, Maci Bookout’s husband is now branching out. Over the past couple of years, he has grown the business from featuring plain t-shirts to t-shirts with pockets and even leather-looking features. It’s clear that he has tried to create a luxurious and expensive t-shirt line, and now he’s launching a new line of clothing. Over the weekend, Maci shared a video of her children modeling the newest items from Things That Matter, and Taylor is clearly excited about his plans for expanding into children’s clothing. For months, he has only done adult sizes but it may be a smart move.

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Thanks to Teen Mom OG, Taylor has a large fan base that is willing to buy his clothing. Plus, Maci has shared what life is like behind the scenes, and she did a lot of the work during the earlier seasons of Teen Mom OG. Fans were eager to support a company that was built on hard work. Plus, Bookout’s t-shirt business with her husband was one of the first companies that were launched using the Teen Mom OG platform. But the business has faced criticism over the past couple of years. Not only has she been criticized for only carrying small sizes, but fans have also complained of high prices for a single t-shirt. These days, it sounds like fans have accepted the prices and the business model.

Maci Bookout will be returning to Teen Mom OG soon, as the newest season of the show airs this month.

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