‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: It’s Thanksgiving In PC, Will Michael Finally Have His Reunion With Patient 6?

It’s Thanksgiving week on ABC’s General Hospital, and that usually means plenty of drama and chaos as families in Port Charles get together to celebrate the holiday. What about Patient 6? Of course, he will be spending it with the Corinthos family. That may also include Michael unless he chooses to spend the day with the Quartermaines instead. Will these two finally have their face-to-face reunion?

General Hospital fans are perplexed as to why Michael has not been to see Patient 6 yet. They were super close his whole life up, until Jason was shot five years ago, but Michael has not gone out of his way to see for himself if this is really him. However, this could be the week that many have been waiting for.

According to Soap Central, Michael Corinthos (Quartermaine) will be on the defensive this week. What is that all about? As the General Hospital previews for Monday’s episode have shown, he will be having a chat with Ned over the future of ELQ now that there are two Jason Morgans. Just the mention of the twins may just be the thing to get Michael’s defenses up.

Many in Port Charles believe that Patient 6 is the real Jason Morgan, who came back from the dead. Of course, they also thought that about the current Jason as well. Steve Burton has brought Stone Cold Jason back to life, and his close friends and family couldn’t be happier. Michael, on the other hand, has not been leaping for joy just yet. He is being very cautious when it comes to Patient 6.

He is dragging his feet on meeting the man who claims to be Jason Morgan. With the Thanksgiving celebrations coming up this week on General Hospital, this could finally be the moment viewers have been waiting for.

Soap fans have been wondering why Michael seems to be the only one who has not had a reunion with Patient 6, or at least been curious enough to go see for himself if he is the Jason who he grew up with. Jason has loved Michael and Morgan like his own kids and was especially a huge part of Michael’s life.

Michael has no excuses not to have gone to seek him out. What is the hold-up? He has avoided going to see the man who his parents are claiming to be their old Jason.

He better have that reunion quick because his ex, Nelle, seems to be heading on a downward spiral, and that could mean major trouble for Michael. The old Jason always had his back and would jump right in to do whatever it takes to save Michael from being hurt.

General Hospital spoilers tease that this could be the week that the Michael-Jason (Patient 6) reunion happens. Thanksgiving is the perfect time for these two men to once again reconnect.

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