The Hills Off-Screen Drama is So Much Better

Bogus-sounding reports hit on Friday that LC had hooked up with Audrina’s ex Justin Bobby, and although Ceiling Eyes sounded confused, most of us figured that Lauren wouldn’t touch ol’ Justin-B with a ten foot pole and laughed it off.

What we are curious about is how the rumors started up. Not surprisingly, all signs point to Spencer, mostly thanks to the last one.

Spencer hit out at the buzz today at, saying that “I guess I shouldn’t be surprised anymore that LC would choose to try and blame something on me.” He quickly segued into Lauren-bashing, claiming that “Anyone who watched Laguna Beach saw her trying to steal someone’s boyfriend every week for 2 years. Honestly, I really think she needs to stop blaming someone who wants nothing to do with her for all of the problems she creates.”

Is anyone remotely surprised by this?

The Hillsis on tonight, if you’re so inclined.