David Cassidy Takes A Turn For The Worse, Family Preparing For The End

Things are looking grim for David Cassidy, as new information claims the singer doesn’t have much time left. The Partridge Family star’s immediate family has been notified by doctors, and have been called to the hospital.

News broke yesterday of Cassidy’s critical condition, as it was reported the 67-year-old was suffering from organ failure. The singer was put in an induced coma several days ago and was reportedly in and out of consciousness, according to TMZ.

It was reported the notorious singer needed a liver transplant to save his life, and possibly a kidney transplant as well. Now TMZ is claiming transplants won’t do the singer any good, as a source implied the transplant surgeries would be futile.

The new report is also claiming Cassidy now has a breathing tube and is in ICU. According to doctors, his prognosis is “grim” and there’s “no issue anymore for a transplant.” The source said Cassidy’s ex-wife and son were called to come back to the hospital as soon as possible, as it could be their last visit with him.

As of Wednesday, Cassidy was in a private room in a Florida hospital surrounded by his family. Cassidy’s publicist, JoAnn Geffen, explained to CNN nothing was “imminent” about his situation, and things would look up whenever he was found a liver. Unfortunately now, that just isn’t the case.

Cassidy has been suffering from poor health for months, as he admitted his condition to a New York City crowd back in March. While performing at B.B. King Blues Club & Grill, the singer confessed he was battling dementia and severe arthritis. He explained his ongoing health issues kept him from touring, and his arthritis made playing the guitar extremely difficult. He announced he would be ending his 50-year career in entertainment.

When speaking to People earlier this year, Cassidy admitted he knew he would eventually be diagnosed with dementia as it runs in his family. The actor noted his grandfather and mother suffered from the tragic condition.

The former teen-idol has received support from friends and fans on social media, with celebrities like Danny Bonaduce, Jimmy Osmond, and Jackie Hoffman all expressing their condolences on social media for their friend.

[Featured Image by Rick Diamond/Getty Images]