Tyrese Throws More Shade At The Rock, Apologizes To Will And Jada Smith

Things are finally looking up for Tyrese Gibson, as he has recently been granted 50/50 custody of his daughter, Shayla. Despite declaring it was the first day of his new life, the actor still threw a little shade at co-star Dwayne Johnson when catching up with TMZ yesterday. Tyrese also claims to have apologized to Will and Jada Smith over the alleged $5 million donation he announced they gave him.

TMZ caught up with Tyrese leaving lunch with his daughter Shayla yesterday and asked the actor some direct questions. On Friday, the Fast and Furious actor praised TMZ for their accurate coverage of his court case, so his decision to be so open with the news outlet yesterday came as no surprise.

The Transformers actor said it was “amazing” to be back with his daughter, whose hand he held as they walked toward the ocean. When asked if he had talked to Will or Jada, Tyrese paused to smoke his cigar and admitted he had texted with Jada earlier in the day. The 38-year-old claimed he asked the Smiths to forgive him, over falsely claiming they gave him $5 million to get back on his feet two weeks ago. Tyrese shared the news on Instagram praising his friends for supporting him, but it was later reported that exchange never happened.


Tyrese is now claiming the prescription drugs he was on, caused him to elaborate on the whole situation. According to the actor, the three friends had “real conversations” about the money, but it was never delivered.

The actor then joked to the camera, “A little word of advice to anybody out there, somebody ever said they gonna help you out … wait till the money come in before you Instagram about it.”

Tyrese then profusely apologized to the Smith family for any embarrassment he might have caused them. He admitted to not being in his “right state of mind.” The actor kept repeating how his “psych meds” messed him up, and caused his fabrications and social media meltdowns.

The Four Brothers star then went on to explain he was ready to get back to work now that he was exonerated of ex-wife Norma Mitchell Gibson’s false claims of child abuse. The actor expressed his reputation was ruined because of these allegations and confessed to being in a tight spot financially due to legal bills.

As the paparazzi and Tyrese wrapped up their lengthy conversation, the actor was asked if there was any chance of a reconciliation with The Rock. Tyrese responded with a swift “Nah,” and continued to puff on his cigar.

“The Rock ain’t got nothing coming for me,” he continued.

Tyrese then added when it was time to be on the set with his enemy, he would be professional because they “have a job to do.”

He added, “I already told people how I feel about that man.”

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At the beginning of the month, Tyrese began his streak of social media meltdowns with a post of The Rock, claiming he would not work with his former co-star again and refused to appear in Fast and Furious 9 alongside the Baywatch star. The tension between the former friends began as The Rock signed on for a Fast and Furious spinoff movie, which Tyrese felt was selfish. The spinoff would delay the production of Fast and Furious 9 by a whole year, pushing back a paycheck for Tyrese.

The day after his rant, Tyrese promised not to speak about The Rock again, as he spoke to an “associate” of Johnson’s and said he would definitely be back to the Fast franchise.

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