‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Thanksgiving Surprises In PC, Kelly Monaco Hints Sam’s Future With Jason, Drew

General Hospital spoilers tease emotional events as Port Charles celebrates Thanksgiving. Kelly Monaco who plays the role of Sam Morgan also shared her thoughts about her character. Patient 6 (Steve Burton) and current Jason (Billy Miller) will continue to look for evidence. It will be a short but revealing week at General Hospital.

Thanksgiving Drama

Thanksgiving week will be short but exciting in General Hospital. Monday’s episode reveals Cassandra will start working on a new scheme and it could involve Sonny. Sonny will have so much to do too. Sonny is helping Patient 6, but Cassandra could involve him in her schemes.

Anna will have several visitors. It seems like Finn will look for her. However, she can also look forward to a visit from Robin. Her daughter wants to know all the details about her relationship with Finn.

Meanwhile, Patient 6 will see the need to confront his past. Stone Cold might head out of town to discover who is behind his kidnapping. General Hospital spoilers also reveal Carly will blame someone and Jason will have terrible timing.

On Wednesday, Carly will be entertaining a guest. Spoilers reveal Dr. Kim Nero, Oscar’s mom will visit the Corinthos household on this date. During this same date, Alexis will make amends. As for current Jason, she will turn to Monica for emotional support. General Hospital spoilers reveal another emotional meeting between Monica and Jason. The two will acknowledge that his identity is in question.

The Quartermaines’ Thanksgiving will be unconventional. Monica and Olivia are in some sort of power struggle. The family is so scattered it would be difficult to bring them together. Needless to say, a Thanksgiving miracle can always happen.

On Thursday, ABC will play an encore episode and General Hospital will be pre-empted on Friday, November 24.

Sam’s Future

When Patient 6 arrived in time, residents felt confused and conflicted. However, the town’s woes are nothing compared to Sam’s. Her life could change drastically, and she needs to sort things out for the kids.

During a fan event, Kelly Monaco talked about the challenges she faced while portraying Sam in General Hospital. During the episodes leading to Patient 6’s arrival, Sam had a mental breakdown. Monaco revealed she could totally relate to what Sam experienced since she deals with anxiety and panic attacks almost every day. This experience allowed Sam Monaco to portray Sam’s struggle in a realistic way.

Sam had to stay strong until her husband recovered from the gunshot wound. Just when she thought she can finally have the safe life she dreamed of, Patient 6 arrived in Port Charles. This man claims he is the real Jason Morgan. During the earlier episodes of General Hospital, Sam assured Jason she believed him. However, spoilers tease she will have a change of heart. Between the Jason she lives with and Patient 6, the latter is more confident about his identity. During the next two weeks in General Hospital, the investigators could uncover more clues which could solidify Patient 6’s claim.

Monaco revealed the issues with two Jasons is painful but it would help Sam grow stronger. According to the actress, she wants to see something good to happen to Sam after all the challenges she faced. She also hinted that sassy Sam might make a comeback and show everyone just how strong she can become.

General Hospital spoilers tease Sam will eventually choose Patient 6 over the current Jason, and it would be exciting to see how she will handle the situation in the upcoming episodes.

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