‘Survivor Series’ 2017: The Shield Vs. The New Day Could Help Determine WWE’s Greatest Stable Of The Decade

There are several interesting matches on the card for the WWE Survivor Series 2017. One of the most intriguing matches on tap for Survivor Series 2017 is The Shield versus The New Day. Their meeting at Survivor Series 2017 could help fans determine which stable is the best in this era of the WWE.

The trio of The Shield, consisting of Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins, are finally back together at Survivor Series 2017. Their reunion comes after months of speculation. Each member went on their separate paths, holding multiple titles along the way. Now, they will unite once again at Survivor Series 2017.

The Shield having their full gang back together comes just in time and will be on display during Survivor Series. What WWE fans can expect is some of the actions which helped make Ambrose, Reigns, and Rollins favorites in the first place.

Many can recall that watching The Shield was appointment television when they roamed through the arena as part of their entrance. Their symmetry has been hard to match over the years. Fans were treated to The Shield’s iconic introduction for the first time (courtesy of Bleacher Report) at Survivor Series 2012.

One of the few stables to match The Shield over the past five years are The New Day. And now it all comes together in the Survivor Series 2017 dream match.

The New Day started out as one of those WWE stables many swore would not have a long shelf life. Somehow Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods grew. While dissension has seldom been shown with The New Day, they have not had as much single success as the members of The Shield. However, their work as a team is difficult to top.

Going into Survivor Series 2017, the buzz is mostly about The Shield’s reunion. It is The New Day who enter the Survivor Series 2017 match as the holders of the longest reign as tag team champions (courtesy of Forbes). Having a featured match at Survivor Series 2017 speaks volumes.

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If The New Day were not over, there would be no chance of them facing off with The Shield at Survivor Series 2017. Their match at Survivor Series 2017 could steal the show.

Wrestling fans are eager to see what The Shield can do inside the ring versus The New Day. The downside to their Survivor Series 2017 showdown is that they compete on different brands. If their Survivor Series 2017 match has some memorable moments, there is a possibility of the steam diminishing afterward. WWE fans must take advantage of this match, as it will likely be a one and done affair.

At Survivor Series 2017, the title for the WWE’s best stable will be on the line.

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