November 18, 2017
'Fifty Shades Freed' Star Dakota Johnson Secret 'Power Move' Revealed

Fifty Shades Freed star Dakota Johnson's Instagram page used to be a place fans could go to get a glimpse of the life of a twentysomething star who came from Hollywood royalty. However, Johnson's page is now completely blank, and it could be a power move for the A-list actress.

Johnson deleted all but one photo in September of 2016, electing to keep an old pic from an Another Magazine shoot, and fans wondered why the actress made the change. Some thought she kept that particular photo because in the interview she talked about an upcoming role in A Bigger Splash, a remake of the 1969 film La Piscine. But, then she deleted the photo, and her page is now completely blank. According to W Magazine, the only information in her bio is a link to a Planned Parenthood call to action.

Is the clearing of her page a political statement or is it an attempt to wipe the slate clean? The actress has talked about being scared of people after her life became so public in the past two years, so it could just be a response to feeling so exposed online.

Whatever the reason, she told Vogue that she is a sensitive person and she closes up when she doesn't feel safe and protected.

Even though she hasn't posted anything in the last year, there are still active tagged posts. One of those is from Rita Ora, who posted a pic on Snapchat of herself and Dakota Johnson with Bella Hadid, Paris Jackson, Ruby Rose, Rami Malek, and others smoking a cigarette in the bathroom of the Met Gala.

Johnson only follows 35 accounts, including those of her sisters Stella Banderas-Griffith and Grace Johnson. But, she doesn't follow mom Melanie Griffith–who often shares old photos of her daughters–or her dad Don Johnson.

She does sometimes appear on other people's accounts, but it seems Johnson is too busy to do any posting of her own. Whether it's possibly dating Chris Martin or Jon Hamm, traveling the world, or preparing for her final Fifty Shades press tour, Johnson has a lot going on and doesn't seem too eager to share.

According to Deadline, the trailer forFifty Shades Freed promises an exciting end to the E.L. James book-turned-film series. The final film of the steamy trilogy will be released in February 2018.

Watch Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan get hot and heavy in the latest Fifty Shades Freed trailer below.

[Featured Image by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]