Facebook Password Laws Now Enacted In Five States

Facebook password laws have gone into effect in five states, laws that now make it illegal for employers to demand that employees or potential employees share private information from their social media accounts.

The laws came about after employees complained that their bosses were demanding their Facebook, Twitter, and other social network passwords.

The new states enacting the law are Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, California, and Illinois.

Already protecting its citizens from social media snooping is the state of Michigan, which enacted its own law in early December 2012.

State Assemblywoman Nora Campos tells NBC News that the bill was necessary to protect workers:

“My legislation protects workers’ privacy. The legislation is necessary because there is a hole in existing law that prevents employers from intruding into an employee’s legal off-duty conduct.”

The move to protect worker privacy is a two-way road. While employers and potential employers can no longer request internet passwords from their employees or potential employees, many people still don’t protect their social networking posts from public viewing, which is not covered under the new Facebook password laws.

Other states are also considering similar Facebook password laws that will protect an employee’s or potential employee’s personal information.

Do you think it is inappropriate for a business to request the personal login information for an employees Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networking accounts?