November 18, 2017
'Days Of Our Lives' Fans Have Strong Opinions On Will's Return Involving The EJ Identity Twist

Fans of Days of Our Lives are speaking out on the current storyline of Will being resurrected from the dead, only to think he is EJ DiMera. While all can agree they are glad to have Will back, there is a lot of chatter about how he is being reintroduced to the show.

Days of Our Lives fans loved Will Horton. His character had grown up on the show, struggling to balance adolescence and having Sami as a mother. He grew into a wonderful young man and became a great father to his daughter with Gabi before finding love with Sonny. Will's story had drawn fans in and when his death came, many fans were upset.

When Ron Carlivati decided to bring Will Horton back from the dead, the news was met with mixed emotions. Some fans felt that once dead, a character should not return. In the end, it became obvious in the Facebook fan pages that overall Days of Our Lives viewers were glad to have Chandler Massey back on set and reprising the role.

Days of Our Lives is deep into the storyline of Will having been brainwashed by Susan Banks. Recently, a fan asked other members of the Facebook fans page Days of Our Lives Fans!!! if they thought Will thinking he was EJ is stupid. The reaction to such a simple question has been overwhelming. Over a thousand members have posted a reaction and the comments are still coming.

Many members of the fan page feel that the storyline is ridiculous, but there are plenty of folks to remind them all that this is a soap opera where strange things are possible. There has been a lot of debate about how else Ron Carlivati could have reintroduced Will without an amnesia twist. Some have even compared it to Marlena thinking she was a panther while possessed and Hope thinking she was Princess Gina.

While most can agree the storyline is a bit out there, fans of Days of Our Lives are enjoying Susan Banks. She is bringing just the right kind of crazy to the story to make it fun.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Staff/Getty Images]