Here’s The Real Story About Dolph Ziggler’s WWE Future And Contract Status

For the past several weeks, the WWE Universe has been wondering how much longer Dolph Ziggler will be working for WWE. It was reported last month that Dolph had signed a brief extension with the company to continue working for the short term. Ziggler did a great job putting over Bobby Roode in their rivalry. However, the end of the year is around the corner and many fans want to know the real story.

On WWE programming, “The Show Off” made it clear that he needed to rethink his career after losing the feud to “The Glorious One.” Heading into WWE Survivor Series, Dolph Ziggler won’t be on the card at all, which is giving a lot of fans the idea that he’s transitioning out of the company. Despite all the rumors, it is now being reported that Dolph Ziggler will not be leaving WWE for the foreseeable future and here’s why.

It’s been reported that essential WWE talents are given three to five-year contracts. Two years ago, Ziggler signed an extension with the company, which means his deal will expire in three to five years. That means the earliest he could leave the company is next year. A lot of people believe Dolph Ziggler would find much more success in the independent market. He’s one of many performers that Cody Rhodes inspired to leave.

Huge Clarification About Dolph Zigglers WWE Contract
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Dolph Ziggler was the talent to become a top guy in this industry. It’s crystal clear that WWE will not make him their top guy. There are other promotions that would be more than willing to give him a real chance to become a legitimate world champion. The fact remains that Ziggler will be with WWE for at least another year. His booking just isn’t consistent because “The Show Off” has really done everything for the company.

SmackDown Live is the land of opportunity. WWE officials just gave Jinder Mahal a five-month title reign to break into the Indian market and push someone new. Dolph Ziggler has the experience and if the powers that be pushed him into the main event picture against someone like AJ Styles, Ziggler could become a top babyface before Wrestlemania. The opportunity is here. WWE officials just have to notice.

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