Major Creative Plans For WWE To Feature Controversial Transgender Character Revealed

Earlier this week, James Ellsworth was released from his contract after a year with WWE. Some people had been waiting for his release and are pleased to see him go. Others are sympathetic because he was given an inch and he took a mile. While the debate about Ellsworth’s WWE career continues, it’s come to light that WWE officials had some huge plans for his character on SmackDown Live before he was given his release.

It’s being reported that before WWE officials made the decision to release Ellsworth, there were some plans in the works to develop him into a transgender character that would have given him a major push heading into WrestleMania 34. In fact, some of the questionable booking that Ellsworth was involved with over the past few months was part of the plan once the powers that be called for him to come out as transgender.

Back in June, it was actually James Ellsworth who took down the Money in the Bank briefcase off the hook for Carmella at the WWE Money in the Bank PPV. Since he technically “won” the match for her, the plans were for him to become the “rightful” holder of the briefcase once he came out as transgender and then go on to challenge Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania 34 for the SmackDown Women’s Title and possibly win it.

James Ellsworth Almost Became a Huge Transgender Character
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Apparently, this idea came from Vince McMahon for James Ellsworth to give him significant heat as a heel on SmackDown Live. There is no question the angle would have been extremely controversial and silly, but it would have given WWE mainstream attention and given Ellsworth a huge push. There could have been a ton of backlash against the company, which could be the reason why the idea was scrapped for Ellsworth.

This angle could also explain the payoff that occurred during the “Battle of the Sexes” match between Becky Lynch and James Ellsworth on SmackDown Live recently. However, that’s as far as WWE officials wanted to go with the angle because Ellsworth was released this week. Some fans will have questions about how the angle could have gone, but it will be remembered as something that ended up on the cutting room floor.

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