WWE News: ‘Raw’ Invasion of ‘SmackDown Live’ Had Several Bloopers That Fans Found

The recent WWE SmackDown Live episode featured the Raw roster invading SmackDown Live, but it didn’t go down without a few bloopers. Overall, it was a serious segment, which was supposed to help tell the story of the brand versus brand rivalry that will culminate with Sunday’s Survivor Series 2017. However, fans and wrestling websites were quick to point out several instances during the invasion angle that were a bit funny or overboard. The off-kilter segments featured several of the WWE women’s superstars, as well as a spot involving big man Braun Strowman.

According to Give Me Sport‘s Jon Fuentes, one of the hilarious segments involved “The Monster Among Men” Braun Strowman making his way down the ramp towards the ring to assist the Raw stars. The segment featured Strowman storming towards the ring after Raw General Manager Kurt Angle waved him out from the stage. As Braun headed for the ring, several SmackDown stars tried to stop him, only to get punched down. One of them was Mojo Rawley of The Hype Bros, who ended up “overselling” the punch from Strowman. Rather than just going down, Mojo adds a spin, maybe for some extra points from the judges for creativity.

WWE braun strowman punches mojo rawley on smackdown
Braun Strowman threw a punch at Mojo Rawley, but Mojo's sell of the move was unexpected. [Image by WWE]

A video clip posted on Twitter shows Strowman steamrolling through stars on the ramp, including Mojo’s oversell and Braun’s reaction.

That wasn’t the only issue that fans were pointing out when it came to the big Raw invasion of SmackDown Live this past Tuesday. In a segment shown on the backstage cameras, the WWE Raw women’s superstars were shown making their way toward the SmackDown women’s locker room. They busted through the door and began attacking their brand rivals.

During the brawl, various Raw superstars including Sasha Banks, Nia Jax, Asuka, and Alexa Bliss took the fight to Naomi, Lana, Becky Lynch, Carmella, and the other SmackDown women. However, it appeared that instead of “overselling” things, in this instance Alexa Bliss and Lana couldn’t contain their amusement. A photo of the brawl on WWE’s website (below) shows off the two Total Divas stars with amused expressions as Bliss is supposedly punching Lana.

WWE Alexa Lana laughing during invasion
WWE superstars Alexa Bliss and Lana seemed overly amused during a serious attack segment backstage. [Image by WWE]

Some fans were quick to see what happened and took to Twitter to mention the funny moment backstage. It’s unlikely they’ll get in trouble for the issue, as mistakes happen, and this one was actually posted as a photo on the WWE website. It goes to show that sometimes, even though they’re trying to entertain the fans, the superstars may laugh off an inside joke or miscue. After all, they’re human.

With all that said, these were two minor instances in a larger scale segment. It took a few hours for word of the bloopers to start circulating online. For the most part, Raw pulled off a great looking revenge attack on SmackDown Live to further build towards Sunday’s Survivor Series 2017 event.

[Featured Image by WWE]