'Gintama' Season 7 Anime Ending With Manga Arcs' Silver Soul: Live-Action 'Gintama 2' Movie Confirmed For 2018

The Gintama manga arcs are coming to a close, and the final chapter of the anime, the tentatively titled Gintama Season 7, will be based on the Silver Soul story arc. Plus, a live-action Gintama 2 movie sequel has already been confirmed to be in the works for 2018!

According to Comic Natalie, the movie announcement was made by director Yuichi Fukuda and Gintoki Sakata actor Shun Oguri during a Tokyo commemoration event for the Gintama Blu-Ray and DVD. They tentatively announced the title as Gintama Part 2, although it is possible that name will change. The live-action Gintama 2 release date is being scheduled for the summer of 2018, but an exact premiere date in Japan was not announced yet.

The announcement is not too much of a surprise considering the financial success of the first Gintama live-action movie. According to Box Office Mojo, the Japanese release grossed about $33.3 million in total, landing the movie at number 10 in total sales for all movies shown in Japan theaters in 2017. It also generated $12.2 million from Chinese theaters and around $118,000 from other foreign countries. Gintama's official website previously announced that the live-action film would eventually screen in the United States, Germany, Spain, and Central and South America.

Those ticket sales numbers make the Gintama live-action film the third highest grossing 2017 film in Japan that was actually produced in Japan. As a comparison, the live-action Tokyo Ghoul movie only generated about $2 million during the same time period, and that movie's director is only "hoping" the Tokyo Ghoul 2 movie will be greenlit.

While the box office numbers are not that impressive in comparison to a Hollywood movie, keep in mind that the live-action Gintama movie budget was nowhere near Hollywood. According to Crunchyroll News, it's estimated that the budget was less than $4.6 million. In comparison, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales sold almost $60 million in tickets in Japan but required a $230 million budget to pull that off.

Gintama Manga Arcs Are Ending - Anime Gintama Season 7 Starts Silver Soul Final Season In 2018

This news about Gintama Part 2 comes to fans just as Gintama Season 6 was announced to begin catching up with manga's final ending arc. The current sixth season of the anime features the Porori Arc, which has not appeared in the manga. The Gintama manga entered its final story arc, Silver Soul, in July of 2016, and fans are predicting that mangaka Hideaki Sorachi will release the final chapter by the end of 2017 or in early 2018.

According to Moetron News, the Gintama anime will enter the Silver Soul story arc next. The OP theme song will be "Katte ni MY SOUL" by DISH//, and the ED song will be "Hana ichi monme" by Burnout Syndromes. It also unknown whether the final season will be labeled as the 2018 Gintama Season 7 or Gintama: Silver Soul, rather than being considered part of the sixth season. There is not a standard designation since Crunchyroll lists the current season as being Gintama Season 4 while MyAnimeList divides the long-lasting anime up into six seasons.

An exact release date for the upcoming Silver Soul episodes has not been announced. Sunrise's anime site says it's coming out during the winter 2018 anime season, which probably means a January premiere after the Porori Arc ends in December.

[Update: November 20, 2017] Release time frame confirmed for final anime chapter. Article updated to reflect that fact.

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