‘Pokemon GO’ Players Still Frustrated At Niantic’s EX Raid System

Niantic has officially started prepping for the next round of EX Raid battles for Pokémon GO. However, the software company hasn’t announced any differences in the EX Raid system, leaving many Pokémon trainers frustrated.

Recently, Slappyy1y1 created a thread on The Silph Road subreddit, announcing the next round of EX Raid field tests from Niantic. Based on the Redditor’s post, the EX Raid will be on November 26, from 2:00 p.m. to 2:45 p.m. Slappyy11 received an EX Raid Pass for Indio, CA, United States.

Shortly after the post was published, many Pokémon GO players reacted to the news. Based on the majority of the comments to the post, Pokémon trainers all over the world find Niantic’s EX Raid system exasperating.

“Would it be really wrong if they made estimates and sent out EX Raid invites to everyone? They can still make adjustments after that. They’ve had multiple months, and this testing phase seems highly inefficient and also frustrates the majority of the player-base,” quipped Kemaneo.

Most of the complaints about the EX Raid system were about how the game dev company distributed passes for the invitation-only raid. According to Comicbook, Pokémon GO players have been complaining about the distribution of EX Raid Passes since the last event in October.

Niantic hasn’t exactly been forthcoming with the requirements players need to get an EX Raid Pass. An old Eurogamer article stated only one requirement to attain the coveted invite. According to the article, players must have defeated a Raid Boss in the Gym the EX Raid will take place in to get a pass.

Based on the comments players posted on social media, however, it is not that easy to get a pass. Niantic seemed receptive to its player-base and assured Pokémon trainers that the invitation process would improve, reported Gamespot. With the upcoming EX Raid due in a couple of days, however, it seems Niantic did not fully address the invitation issue.

Due to Niantic’s lack of action, many players believe that the field tests are not about the EX Raid system. Some suggest that EX Raids were invented to attract casual players or test Pokémon trainers’ commitment to the game.

“Based [on] the fact that the last three waves of passes have been tilted heavily toward casual players, they seem to be testing how small and how casual EX Raids can be while still being successful. At the same time, they may be testing the long-term appeal of repeat EX Raid opportunities,” observed The RocksStrudel.

“They’ve probably lost more dedicated players than they’ve gained casual players through this process. They would gain way more players/ sell more raid passes if there were criteria to follow to get an EX pass. Why would people keep spending on raid passes if it’s totally random?” commented mydaspoke on The Silph Road’s thread about the upcoming EX Raid.

“I play less and have spent $0 on the game since raids came out. The only thing they’re testing is our commitment to the game at this point,” wrote BrassMankey, agreeing with mydaspoke.

It seems, however, that the big issue with EX Raids is sponsorship. Niantic appears to be setting these special raids at sponsored locations, thereby limiting the Gyms that can hold the event.

Sponsorship may be where Pokémon players and Niantic differ in thought when it comes to the invite-only events. Its loyal fan base is worried about the EX raid’s inclusivity, content, and gameplay. The gaming company, however, is worried about its revenue through sponsorships.

“At this point, we should accept that they aren’t testing anything gameplay related. They must be monitoring the various turnouts from trainers who play a lot and trainers who don’t, and collecting that data so that they have a strong pitch to their next potential sponsors,” commented ryugazaki on Slappyy1’s post.

“Exactly, but honestly what was there to test if you are not changing the battle system at all, or giving guidance on what you need to do to earn a raid pass? The only thing that varied was the location and people selected,” replied Specter54 to ryugazaki’s comment.

[Featured Image by Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images]