WWE Rumors: Triple H And Vince McMahon Have Huge Argument Over Recent Changes

Over the past few weeks, WWE officials have made some big changes to the card for WWE Survivor Series this Sunday. The powers that be haven’t been shy to change matches, replace performers, or book a couple title changes to improve the card. Despite all the changes that have occurred on WWE television, NXT has slowly been building to NXT Takeover: War Games without any big problems until a recent disagreement.

It was reported that the War Games match will undergo a change from the classic structure. HHH revealed that the cage won’t have a roof, which he explained as an evolution of the concept. Leaving the cage without a roof will give the performers the chance for more high spots and add more some excitement to the match, but that decision was actually debated by Triple H and Vince McMahon and actually led to a big argument.

It’s being reported that The Game wanted the cage to have a roof and Vince didn’t. However, McMahon has seniority over Triple H, so he eventually pulled rank and it was confirmed that War Games wouldn’t have a roof. On paper, the importance of the roof on the cage was to stay true to the original concept of the match, but Vince McMahon is right in thinking War Games has a fresh start to make the match something new.

NXT Takeover WarGames is On Saturday Night
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Inside the structure, Sanity, The Undisputed Era, and The Authors of Pain along with Roderick Strong will collide in one of the most unique matches in wrestling history. With the cage open, there are more creative things to do in the match. That may take away from the feeling that all nine men are locked in together, but Vince McMahon must have had some ideas if he felt the need to play his trump card to keep the cage open.

Many fans have wanted to see WWE bring back War Games for quite a long time, so the NXT Universe will have high expectations for the match. The match needs to be well received if WWE officials are ever going to have another one or even bring the concept to the main roster someday. NXT Takeover: War Games will be an entertaining show, but it could be remembered as something special if Vince McMahon was right.

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