November 19, 2017
Has 'Justice League' Confirmed Darkseid Will Not Appear In DCEU Films In Favor Of Other Villains? [Spoilers]

Justice League has finally answered some burning questions that were left after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The highly-anticipated DC Extended Universe film revealed why Steppenwolf is so eager to find the three Mother Boxes left on Earth, how the heroes managed to bring Superman back to life, and even teased on what will happen next for Aquaman as well as Barry Allen. But did the movie also confirm that Darkseid will no longer be a huge threat in the future?

People have been expecting Darkseid to make an appearance in Justice League after the villain's presence was heavily hinted on in Batman v Superman. Some fans were even convinced that Steppenwolf was just a decoy and the DC supervillain is the real Big Bad in the film. Unfortunately, there was no sign of Darkseid and the movie even concluded in a way to suggest that he will not face the Justice League anytime soon. After all, the post-credits scene revealed that there are other dangerous villains will big plans in the future DCEU flicks.

In Justice League's second post-credits scene, Lex Luthor had managed to escape from prison. Not surprisingly, Superman's nemesis did not waste any time in seeking out other people he could recruit to form his own twisted league. The first member of this group happens to be Deathstroke, Slade Wilson's alter ego and one of Batman's greatest enemies.

The newly formed Justice League might be facing earthly villains instead of Darkseid in future DCEU films. [Image by Warner Bros.]
The newly formed Justice League might be facing earthly villains instead of Darkseid in future DCEU films. [Image by Warner Bros.]

But does this truly mean that Darkseid has been sidelined in favor of other DC villains? There are speculations that the Justice League post-credits scene may have been a nod to Injustice or another Batman film. Nevertheless, it looks like the newly formed team have other things to worry about other than a baddie from another planet.

Justice League may have offered interesting looks into the lives of DCEU's new heroes but the film also had to remove several scenes featuring Victor Stone and Barry Allen. The deleted scenes were recently leaked, showing more of Cyborg in action. One sequence even confirms that Kiersey Clemons shot a scene as Iris West, who is saved by The Flash.

Justice League is currently showing in theaters worldwide.

[Featured Image by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images]