‘Dragon Ball Super’ Manga Explained Jiren’s Past And How He Joined The Tournament Of Power

Jiren The Grey is currently the most powerful character in the Tournament of Power. His looks and glare resonate a whole new dimension of power and capabilities. His immense strength keeps you on the edge of your seat. Fans know how powerful Jiren can be. In fact, even before the Tournament of Power commenced, when Goku and Toppo battled in the exhibition match, fans already knew that there will be someone who’s greater than Goku and the Gods of Destruction.

There’s too little that fans know of Jiren; they haven’t fathomed his pasts, agendas, and much more. All that fans know is that he is from Universe 11, and he is a member of the Pride Troopers. The Dragon Ball Super manga somehow discussed Jiren The Grey’s past and how Belmond convinced the warrior to join the Tournament of Power.

Thanks to Herms98, who translated the manga, fans now have tidbits of Jiren’s character. Apparently, Jiren is not bad after all. In fact, he is a man who devotes himself to justice; a perfect member of the Pride Troopers. As Belmond further discussed the characteristics of Jiren, he confirmed that Jiren doesn’t kill evil people, and he doesn’t act for selfish reasons. Yes, Jiren is a nobleman, and just like Goku, he refused to become a God of Destruction. As a matter of fact, Jiren only has one wish, and that is the mystery fans are all bound to find out.

About the Tournament of Power, he is Universe 11’s first choice, but Jiren rejects the offer at first. Why? Jiren doesn’t want to destroy other universes to save his own, and he believes his primary focus is to protect Universe 11.

Belmond knows how much of an asset Jiren will be in the Tournament of Power. Therefore, the God of Destruction insisted. He bribed Jiren by granting his only wish if he wins the tournament. Thus, the formidable warrior agreed under one condition; he has to return to Universe 11 if any trouble occurs.

Now, Belmond’s request somehow gives us a glimpse of what Jiren the Grey wishes for. Is the God of Destruction referring to Jiren’s home? Belmond’s conditions somehow apply to a particular location.

The Dragon Ball Super manga gave fans a deeper meaning to appreciate the characters they adore in the Tournament of Power. Knowing Jiren’s past makes viewers understand the deeper side of their role in the arc.

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