‘Alaskan Bush People’ Update: Is Ami Brown Still Alive? Billy Slammed For Having A Packet Of Cigarettes

Alaskan Bush People is currently on a hiatus to allow matriarch Ami Brown to completely rest and recover after her first round of chemotherapy for stage 4 lung cancer. The Discovery Channel show has not yet been renewed for another season, but recent updates reveal that the Brown family have begun filming a new season in New Orleans.

There are so many questions surrounding Alaskan Bush People after leaving many fans hanging following its season finale, especially inquiries surrounding Ami Brown’s condition. It can be recalled that Ami was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer during the previous episodes of the show and the Brown family matriarch went through her first round of chemotherapy in the previous months.

Now, TV Insider notes that Ami’s status remains the number one question among fans and viewers of the show. While there are no clear answers about this yet, many are starting to question the legitimacy of Ami’s diagnosis and how real Alaskan Bush People is after spotting Billy with a packet of cigarettes in his pocket while he was on his way out of their hotel in Colorado.

For some, it does not make any sense to see Billy have the strength to smoke when his wife is on her deathbed due to lung cancer. There have been reports before questioning the legitimacy of ABP and the Brown family story, but some people pointed out that the show might be fake in some parts, but not Ami’s diagnosis.

[Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

The publication also notes that Rain Brown has also been getting a lot of hate from Alaskan Bush People fans and critics alike after posting several videos of herself on social media. Some were quick to point out that Rain does not seem bothered by the severity of her mother’s diagnosis and has a lot of time on her hands to post such kinds of videos.

While nothing can be confirmed yet on the status of Ami’s health, In Touch has reported that the Brown family are already filming in New Orleans for the new season ofAlaskan Bush People. What remains to be seen, though, is whether they are filming a new season or if the scenes are for the upcoming Christmas special.

Bam Bam and his girlfriend, Allison, were reportedly spotted in the Big Easy with a camera crew following them. This strengthened speculations that another season of Alaskan Bush People is on the way, but some viewers are wondering whether the new episodes will feature rehashed scenes yet again, or if it will have something new to show them next season.

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]