The Cast And Crew Of ‘The Royals’ Are Backing Alexandra Park On Harassment Accusations

The cast and crew of The Royals are backing Alexandra Park on her sexual harassment accusations against showrunner Mark Schwahn. Additionally, the Royals cast and crew are also speaking out in support of the women from the show One Tree Hill, (which is no longer on television), who claim that Schwahn also sexually harassed them. Mark Schwahn, who created both One Tree Hill and The Royals, has been suspended from the E! series.

Yesterday, Alexandra Park, who plays Princess Eleanor on The Royals, posted a letter on Twitter to say that she had been sexually harassed by Mark Schwahn, and she was horrified after reading the letter from 18 women from One Tree Hill to realize that Schwahn’s reported behavior had been going on for years, and she wasn’t the only one Schwahn had allegedly harassed.

“I have a responsibility as someone who was working under Mark Schwahn on The Royals to acknowledge these claims. I am devastated to admit to myself, to my colleagues, and to this industry that I too, have been exposed to this reprehensible behavior.”

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A joint statement was issued today by 25 cast and crew members from The Royals to say that Alexandra Park and the women of One Tree Hill don’t stand alone against the sexual harassment allegedly perpetrated by Mark Schwahn. Many are also saying that they have also been victimized by the showrunner on the set of The Royals.

Another star of The Royals, Elizabeth Hurley, claims that she had no idea of what was going on during the filming of The Royals. She called it a shocking surprise and claims she never witnessed it during the four-season run.

But others involved in The Royals did, and say they felt compelled to respond with a letter of their own. The letter says that almost everyone had heard rumors of Mark Schwahn’s prior behavior, but sadly they saw it for themselves soon after The Royals started shooting.

“Whilst voraciously condemning the actions of one man, we would like to make note of our gratitude to others. Thank you to so many of the Royal men who ensured we were never alone in social situations with him and took two steps towards us for his every one. Thank you to the friends, loved ones and partners who supported us at the time and ever more so now in coming forwards.”

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The women from The Royals are thanking those involved in the One Tree Hill letter for speaking out and having a “solid gold backbone.”

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