‘RHOD’ Star D’Andra Simmons Still Standing Behind LeeAnne Locken: She ‘Was The Bigger Person’

D’Andra Simmons may be brand new to The Real Housewives of Dallas, but she’s not new to LeeAnne Locken. The two women have been friends for years, and it’s clear that LeeAnne has a deep respect for her friend. In addition, D’Andra really adores Locken, as she’s played a huge role in her life. She was there when Simmons got married to her husband, and she has told viewers how she plans on being there for LeeAnne. But Simmons knows that LeeAnne can be a handful, and throughout the second season of The Real Housewives of Dallas, she revealed that she could tell Locken to stop with the gossip.

Throughout several scenes, she’s caught telling LeeAnne that she needs to stop with the mean girl talks and plans to get even. Despite telling her friend that she needs to behave, D’Andra Simmons believes that LeeAnne did well at the reunion because she had to face Mark Deuber. While LeeAnne stormed off at first because she wanted Rich there as well, she eventually agreed to come back on stage to deal with the rumors she had started. According to a new Bravo report, D’Andra Simmons believes that LeeAnne was the bigger person in this situation because she was able to come back and face Mark and apologize.

“I was very proud of LeeAnne for coming back to finish out the reunion, even with Mark being the only husband allowed on set to defend himself and his wife. LeeAnne and I are similar; we’re used to facing the music alone. We know it’s better to just get the discussion over with instead of letting it drag out, even if it means jumping into a pool of piranhas that are craving us for dinner! LeeAnne was the bigger person for coming back, especially when she knew she was going to be the target,” D’Andra Simmons explained on her Bravo blog, revealing she’s very proud of Locken’s way of handling the situation.

At first, LeeAnne stormed off from the situation, as she felt very uncomfortable. Andy Cohen and the producers wanted to hear Mark’s side of the story and they wanted to see what he felt about the rumors that he had received oral sex from guys at the local gay bar. At the time, several of the women felt like she was mocking the LGBTQ community, but she later revealed that she shouldn’t have said anything. She bravely apologized for causing pain, but it sounds like Mark Deuber and his wife, Cary Deuber, were not exactly eager to forgive her.

D’Andra Simmons may return for the third season of The Real Housewives of Dallas if Bravo decides to renew the show. It looked like she had a great time, and she may come back and share her life with fans.

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