Kameron Westcott Hints She Still Has Issues With Brandi Redmond: ‘RHOD’ Star Points To Double Standard

Kameron Westcott joined The Real Housewives of Dallas this season because she thought it would be fun to try and film a reality show. Plus, she had an interesting storyline. Not only was she a true housewife who happens to love the color pink, but she also loved people with a Dallas zip code and pink dog food. As viewers saw her trying to build a business, they also saw her interact with her fellow housewives. It was clear from the beginning of the season that Kameron was not as laid back as some of her fellow housewives. As some of the ladies could let it go, others felt that she was too much. Brandi Redmond felt she was too stuck up, and she focused too much on the Dallas zip code.

According to a new Bravo report, Kameron Westcott is now speaking out about how she feels when it comes to Brandi. It’s clear that the two ladies don’t get along, and while Westcott and Brandi won’t be hanging out alone, Westcott reveals how she feels about her co-star. As it turns out, Kameron feels that Redmond wants to call out LeeAnne Locken for being inappropriate, but Westcott feels that Brandi herself is inappropriate.

“I said Brandi needed a reality check because she holds double standards sometimes. She expects things from other people but doesn’t hold herself to the same standards in return,” Kameron Westcott has explained in her Bravo blog when asked to clarify what she meant regarding her comments about Brandi Redmond, adding, “Brandi thinks that LeeAnne does a lot of inappropriate things. Well, hello — Brandi does too! She wants LeeAnne to apologize for her actions and not do certain things…meanwhile, I’ve asked Brandi many times to do the same for myself, yet I have not seen any change on her end either! So to me, there’s a double standard. You can’t expect others to change until you agree to change, too!”

It’s a very interesting theory that Kameron Westcott has. It sounds like she wants Brandi to realize that what she doesn’t like about LeeAnne is what she does herself. Sure, Redmond doesn’t run around threatening people and joke about killing them, but she does run around with a large dildo in public places. This was something Westcott found extremely inappropriate on the show. Of course, Kameron also revealed that she found it inappropriate because she comes from high society in Dallas. As she reminded her co-stars on the show several times, she has a Dallas zip code. This means that she lives in the Dallas city area, not on the outskirts as some of her Real Housewives of Dallas. Perhaps she feels like she has an image to protect.

No word on whether Kameron Westcott will return for the third season of The Real Housewives of Dallas, but it sounded like she had fun on this season of the show.

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