Stephanie Hollman Open To Friendship With LeeAnne Locken? ‘RHOD’ Star May Consider Role On The Show

Stephanie Hollman wanted one thing when she returned to The Real Housewives of Dallas for the second season of the show. Stephanie wanted to know what had gone wrong with her best friend, Brandi Redmond, after the first season had wrapped. Stephanie learned that Brandi wasn’t happy with some of the things that Stephanie had written in her Bravo blog about her marriage, and she realized that her choice of words might have cost her a friendship. Even though Hollman tried to get her friend back, she realized that Brandi had started hanging out with LeeAnne Locken and getting through to Brandi might be much harder than expected.

Throughout the second season, Stephanie struggled to make peace with Brandi, as LeeAnne was constantly trying to interfere. Even though she claimed she wanted the girls to make peace, she was constantly interrupting the process. Because of this, Hollman didn’t feel like she could trust LeeAnne. According to a new Bravo report, Stephanie Hollman is now speaking out about what she wishes for Locken, and as it turns out, she hopes that LeeAnne will be able to find herself after this second season. Stephanie claims she wants the best for her co-star, even though it may not include a future with them as cast members.

“LeeAnne, we have our differences, but putting those aside, I know there is a girl inside of there that just wants to be loved. Even though you had a hard life, you are open to change, and I hope that at the end of the journey, you find peace and we can build a bridge of hope for the future,” Stephanie writes in her Bravo blog.

It’s very interesting that Stephanie Hollman ends her statement with “we can build a bridge of hope,” as this implies she’s willing to be friends with LeeAnne. Maybe the chance is small, but she’s acknowledging that there is a chance that these ladies could all come together again. Locken has hinted that she wants to quit the show and focus on her charity work and her upcoming wedding to Rich, but she may reconsider now that Hollman has revealed that she’s not shutting the door completely on LeeAnne. While they may not be the best of friends to the point where Stephanie will be invited to her wedding, there is a chance that they can be civil enough for the third season of The Real Housewives of Dallas.

The second season of The Real Housewives of Dallas has wrapped, and the women are currently on hiatus. The show may start filming in 2018, but Bravo has hinted that they may be looking for new women to join the cast.

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