Gal Gadot Talks About Being Pregnant On The Set Of ‘Justice League’

Whether she was promoting Wonder Woman or Justice League, Gal Gadot has shared plenty of stories about her pregnancy while filming. Although the many stories make it seem as if she is always pregnant, with back-to-back filming schedules, the reality is that Gadot was in the early stages of her pregnancy on the set of Justice League, before having to go back for reshoots on Wonder Woman. While doing the rounds for the upcoming Justice League movie, the actress shared some new details about what filming was like while she was pregnant with her daughter.

According to Cinema Blend, during a new interview, Gal Gadot shared some details about what the early stages of her pregnancy were like, which included having a personal assistant to help her when she needed to vomit. Although she was not showing while on the Justice League set, Gadot was experiencing the early symptoms of pregnancy, particularly the morning sickness aspect.

While speaking to Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest to promote Justice League, Gal Gadot explained that they were able to come up with a system of sorts, where she would be able to get filming done and then have the chance to get off the set in order to vomit in private. She shared that after every cut, she would “go and run and vomit somewhere,” which meant that she needed a personal assistant who actually had “a bucket and she was to put other stuff in the bucket so other people thought that instead of having a bag she had a bucket.”

Gal Gadot shared that she felt like all of this made sense at the time. However, she did share that there was one instance where she “was so loud and I didn’t make it to the restroom in the trailer, so I was vomiting.” Unfortunately for her assistant, there was even a time when Gadot was so loud that she needed to improvise in order to try and hide the sounds of her vomiting into the bucket. In order to cover up for Gal Gadot, the assistant ended up singing in order to hide that the actress was sick.

Although Gadot has been very open about her pregnancy during the promotions for both Wonder Woman and Justice League, the actress said that early on she was trying to be as discreet as possible. However, on such a large movie set, it would certainly be hard to hide the fact that she was pregnant. Gal Gadot said that even with trying to be discreet, pretty much everyone she worked with on the set of Justice League knew, but that audiences will most likely not be able to tell.

[Featured Image by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images]