‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: Casting Rumors Round-Up, Who’s In Talks To Be On ‘CBBUS’

Celebrity Big Brother (CBBUS) spoilers for casting have been heating up for weeks now. At this point, no one is locked in for the upcoming season. But there are rumors running rampant about who’s in talks with CBS to compete on the debut of the famed version of the top-rated reality show. With just a couple of months to go before Celebrity Big Brother US debuts, everyone wants to know who will land in the house for the shortened season of the reality show. Here is a rundown of the latest casting rumors so you can see who might be locked in the CBB US house this winter.

Who Won’t Be Appearing On Celebrity Big Brother?

Among the casting rumors for CBB US are some confirmations of who will not be participating. ET spilled that N’SYNCS’s Lance Bass will not be doing Celebrity Big Brother. The singer said he’s the “biggest Big Brother fan ever,” but then shared that the show can’t pay enough for him to give up a month of his life. We can also count out anyone that is a hot or rising star. Some of the superfans that have been rumored to appear are extreme long shots because of busy schedules and the tight budget for CBB. Even Julie Chen is taking a pay cut.

Among the list of A-listers and rising stars that are BB superfans include Bobby Moynihan, who’s busy with a hit CBS sitcom. There’s also Sharon Osbourne, but she’s got a busy life and is committed to The Talk. Neil Patrick Harris joked in the past about doing the celeb version, so you never know, but as a father, producer, and actor, it seems like his time is limited. Also, The Office star Jenna Fischer is a mega-fan of the reality show, but Carter Matt revealed the rumors of her moving into the reality show house were bogus.

The Latest Casting Talk For CBB US

The two most recent names on the Celebrity Big Brother casting block include Kardashian-adjacent Black Chyna, whom many hope will enter the house and talk smack about her ex’s famous family. Another name that cropped up this week is Stephanie Pratt, former reality maven from The Hills, according to U.K. site The Sun. Pratt’s mention is interesting because her big brother, Spencer Pratt, was also mentioned as a possible CBB US houseguest. Spencer has done CBB UK before, so it seems possible. Plus, Pratt has been retweeting CBB mentions.

Some other Celebrity Big Brother US casting rumors are of great interest. Kathy Griffin has struggled with her career ever since her disastrous mock-beheading of Trump prank. Kathy is a super-fan who has appeared on Big Brother before alongside Zingbot. But since she’s persona non grata in a lot of circles, maybe CBB US won’t take a chance on her. Then again, she might be desperate for the limelight, so maybe she’d sign up for the show. Interestingly, Griffin’s nemesis, Andy Cohen, is also a super-fan and rumored CBB US houseguest.

Athletes And Reality TV Stars Rumored For BB

Celebrity Big Brother casting spoilers hinted at by The Hollywood Reporter count notorious figure skater Tonya Harding on the roster of host Julie Chen’s dream cast. Another athlete that might be in the running for CBB US is Sid “Vicious” Eudy. If that name is familiar, he’s the father of past houseguest BB14 and BB18 Frank Eudy. Sid is a pro wrestler and a giant of a guy weighing in at more than 300 pounds and is a towering 6-foot-7. Sid’s tie to Frank Eudy makes him a fun candidate.

According to info in Reddit’s Big Brother group, The Real Housewives of Atlanta sensation NeNe Leakes is supposedly not just rumored to be on CBB, but has been confirmed among the cast. NeNe has tried her hand at scripted TV with roles on Glee and The New Normal. Disgraced RHOJ housewife Teresa Giudice is another name bandied about as a possible option for Celebrity Big Brother. After spending time in prison, where her husband Joe is now, she needs the money and is a reality TV veteran.

According to the same Reddit BB thread, other reality stars possibly under consideration for CBB include: Brody Jenner, Tiffany Pollard (aka New York from Flavor of Love), Mob Wives‘ Drita D’avanzo, Natalie Nunn from Bad Girls Club, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Jersey Shore‘s Snooki, “Boston Rob” Mariano from Amazing Race and Survivor, The Bachelorette Kaitlin Bristowe, and MTV reality juggernaut Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio.

Social Media Mavens And Down-On-Their-Luck Stars

Among the list of CBB contenders are some YouTubers and bloggers with large social media followings, including Jenna Marbles, Gigi Gorgeous, Huda Kattan, Tyler Oakley, and Shane Dawson. There’s also talk of some actors struggling for a big break or a comeback that might consider Celebrity Big Brother to raise their profile. Reddit rumors include casting rumors for rapper Bow Wow, Skid Row rocker Sebastian Bach, former teen idol Tori Spelling, iCarly‘s Miranda Cosgrove, superfan and singer Ryan Cabrera, conservative Fox News commentator Stacey Dash, and Oscar winner and recovering drug addict Tatum O’Neal, among others.

One superfan and celeb eager to join the roster is Perez Hilton, who is lobbying to get on the show. See his video above. The blogger, who made his bones exposing celebrity dirt, is eager to be part of CBB. With Celebrity Big Brother set to launch in January or February, contracts are being locked down now, and we can expect casting rumors to heat up and houseguest confirmations to leak. There should be CBB promos starting over the holidays, and CBS might like the houseguest roster to remain a secret for the premiere, but it’s doubtful they can keep the details under lock and key for too much longer. Check back often for the latest Celebrity Big Brother rumors and spoilers.

[Featured Image by Sonja Flemming/CBS]