Daniel Cormier Hopes Jon Jones Only Gets Minimum Suspension

Jon Jones most recent failed drug tests carry the possibility of a four-year suspension since he is now a repeat offender. However, there is one fellow UFC fighter who said that he would like to see the Jones suspension reduced to just a one-year minimum. TMZ caught up with Daniel Cormier, and he made that shocking comment, even though he had his own ulterior motives for wanting to see Jones back sooner, rather than later.

Daniel Cormier On The Jon Jones UFC Suspension

Daniel Cormier is 38 years old and has enjoyed a nice nine-year MMA career. After a successful collegiate career in freestyle wrestling with the Oklahoma State Cowboys, Cormier went on to represent the United States every year from 2003 to 2008 as the senior U.S. national champion. He also represented Team USA in each of those years as well.

After failing to compete in the 2008 Olympic Games due to kidney failure, Cormier chose to give MMA a shot at the age of 31. Over his career, he held the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix title and the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship.

However, the two biggest fights of his career came against Jon Jones, and Cormier lost both of them. His fight against Jones in 2015 was the first MMA loss of Cormier’s career, putting him at 15-1. The two had their rematch in July, and Cormier lost again, although he had that decision nullified after Jon Jones failed his most recent drug test.

Daniel Cormier is 38 and knows his MMA career is coming to a close soon. As a result, he wants one more chance to fight Jon Jones again and said in his TMZ interview that he would love to see Jones get a minimum one-year suspension so they can fight for the third time.

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Daniel Cormier On Whether Jon Jones Will Ever Fight Again

MMA Mania reported that UFC President Dana White is not convinced that fans will ever see Jon Jones fight again. White said that Jones could not handle the pressure of being the champion. White said that Jon could have been considered the best ever, but he also said Jones was “unfixable.”

Daniel Cormier said that Jon Jones would fight again because he is too talented not to compete. However, Cormier said that Jones has a lot of issues that need to be fixed. The one thing that Daniel pointed out was that Jon Jones is only 30, which is younger than Cormier was when he started fighting in MMA.

Daniel Cormier said that even if Jon Jones gets suspended for two years, he will be fine to fight again, but it will involve Jones making a positive change.

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