UFC Star Jon Jones Responds To Colby Covington Comments About Fabricio Werdum

There have been plenty of comments made against UFC star Jon Jones by fellow fighter Colby Covington over the past several weeks. Covington has also made comments about other fighters including Tyron Woodley and Fabricio Werdum. The latter of these comments were enough for Jon Jones to finally issue a response but it wasn’t quite as harsh as anything Covington said to him or about him.

As MMA Mania recently reported, Jones fired back against comments that Colby Covington made regarding Werdum. The former UFC light heavyweight champion basically praised Werdum for standing up against Covington’s remarks. Jones sent out a tweet after 3 a.m. from his current location saying, “I despise racism, good job today @FabricioWerdum dude had the audacity to call you a ‘f****t’ as he’s backing up on Facebook live.”

The issue stems from Covington’s remarks after he defeated Demian Maia at UFC Fight Night 119. Basically, Covington called the Brazilian community “a bunch of filthy animals” leading to outrage. However, Fabricio Werdum was on hand for the recent UFC Fight Night 121 media day over in Sydney, Australia and happened to be near Covington. He ended up tossing a boomerang at him which has now led to UFC conducting an investigation over the incident.

UFC star Fabricio Werdum threw boomerang at Covington
UFC star Fabricio Werdum fired back at Colby Covington, literally, by tossing a boomerang at him. [Image by Getty Images]

Covington was seen in another video (NSFW) hurling swears and a homophobic slur at Werdum. He also made it seem as if Werdum threw a punch at him, which Werdum later said did not happen. Covington mentioned in the video “I’mma see you soon m*****f****r!” The homophobic slur is part of the reason why Jon Jones praised Werdum, but it could also be due to Jones seeing the recent comments Covington has made towards him.

A recenter interview that Covington did with Submission Radio featured him talking about having to live with Jon Jones while the two were collegiate wrestlers in Iowa. Covington’s comments were scathing as he called Jones “filthy” and talked about him being fake with regards to his religious beliefs or statements. In addition to all that, Covington had replied to Jones on Twitter when Jones tweeted out his respect and admiration for UFC star Georges St-Pierre. Covington’s reply was to bash Jones, telling him to shut up using some colorful language for extra measure.

Covington is well known for his trash talk, including the post-fight interview video below via UFC where he called out fighter Tyron Woodley.

It’s unknown if Colby Covington and Jon Jones will cross paths or even fight anytime soon. Jones is looking at a ban of probably a year at minimum and four years at most due to testing positive for a banned substance months ago. As far as Covington and Fabricio go, Werdum is scheduled for a Heavyweight fight against Marcin Tybura this coming Saturday in the main event of UFC Fight Night 121. Covington may be lowing low for a bit after his recent comments and incidents.

[Featured Image by John Amis/AP Images]