‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Stone Cold Confession Slips — Steve Burton Confirms He’s The Real Jason Morgan

General Hospital spoilers straight from Steve Burton reveal that he’s Stone Cold Jason Morgan, the one that grew up in Port Charles, and is the one fans have been watching for years. Burton accidentally confirmed the truth while on a road trip with bestie Bradford Anderson (GH’s Damian Spinelli) for their band Port Chuck. Bradford posted a Facebook video today with clips of himself and Burton in the car with fellow Port Chuckers, and the slip Burton makes is pretty telling. It was made worse and more noticeable when Bradford Anderson corrected Burton’s accidental spoilers leak, but now the truth is out there.

Stone Cold is Jason Morgan

If you know your GH history, then you know that Stone Cold is Jason Morgan. Drew Quartermaine didn’t grow up in Port Charles but was raised with Franco (Roger Howarth) and Betsy Frank (Deborah Strang) and then was placed in an orphanage after the stair shoving incident. From there, we still don’t know what happened to Drew, but the guy that grew up in Port Charles was Jason who then turned Stone Cold after his car accident with big brother AJ Quartermaine (Sean Kanan).

For anyone hoping that Billy Miller would turn out to be Stone Cold and that Burton would be revealed as Drew, prepare to be disappointed. The truth is out, and it’s straight from Burton himself. You can watch the full Facebook video below, and if you scroll to the halfway point of the video, you can hear what Steve Burton says, the General Hospital spoilers he reveals on his character’s identity, and Bradford Anderson rushing to correct him and then Burton laughing at his slip of the soap tongue!

Burton confirms he’s Stone Cold

It seems pretty obvious from upcoming GH spoilers and recent episodes, but if you had any doubt, it’s time to give it up because Burton is Jason Morgan who is Stone Cold. At the halfway point in the video, Burton thanks fans for their support of the band Port Chuck then says, “Stone Cold and the Jackal live” referring to the nicknames for Jason Morgan and his hacker sidekick Spinelli. The other guys in the car joke about them making it a hashtag “Stone Cold and the Jackal.”

That’s when Bradford tries to clean up the spill by Burton. Anderson said, “hashtag maybe Stone Cold definitely the Jackal” and you can hear Burton cackling with laughter from the back seat of the car. Then Burton tries to cover and says, “that’s right” but it was clear he was spilling some tea on the upcoming storyline since they’ve filmed a month more of scenes than General Hospital fans have seen. It’s already been revealed behind the scenes who is whom, and now we know as well.

Bradford reveals Drew’s nickname

What’s also interesting, in the last few moments of the video, is another quip about secret identities that offers more General Hospital spoilers. After they laugh over Burton confirming that he’s Stone Cold, Bradford Anderson said, “hashtag Andy and the Jackal” and Burton laughed again. Then Burton added, “People don’t even know our joke yet” and this has viewers wondering who’s Andy. The answer is that it’s the name Andrew Quartermaine used before he turned up as Jake Doe.

Recent GH spoilers tell us that when Andrew Quartermaine lived with Betsy and Franco, they called him Drew, but then he was dropped at the orphanage, adopted, and much later wound up in Helena Cassadine’s (Constance Towers) hands and then, full circle, returned to Port Charles. But only the two wackos called him “Drew.” This spoilers spill from Bradford teases that we might soon be calling Billy Miller’s character “Andy” if that’s the name he went by before he came to Port Charles and was branded Jake Doe then mislabeled “Jason Morgan.”

Be sure to watch the full video to hear the amusing banter between Burton and Anderson as they spill some accidental GH spoilers tea. Catch up on the latest GH scoop about Sam not sleeping with her husband, the Jason vs. Jason war, and how Burton’s return put GH in the No. 1 spot in ratings. Come back soon for more General Hospital spoilers.

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