Miley Cyrus Slammed As An ‘Embarrassment’ After Controversial Decision On ‘The Voice’

Miley Cyrus is being put on blast after making some pretty controversial decisions when it comes to her team on Season 13 of The Voice. After the show aired three episodes this week as Miley and her fellow coaches Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, and Jennifer Hudson cut their teams in half, a number of viewers lashed out at Cyrus and claimed that she’d “ruined” the show because of who she decided to send home.

During the November 16 playoffs episode of the NBC series, Cyrus waved bye bye to Karli Webster, Adam Pearce, and Moriah Formica, and it’s pretty safe to say that many fans were seriously not happy with the “Malibu” singer’s decision.

A number of viewers seriously lashed out at Miley on social media in a pretty major way, including once who claimed she’d “ruined” Season 13 and was an “embarrassment” to the show.

“Well I have watched #TheVoice since the first season faithfully… Thanks to @MileyCyrus I don’t want to watch the rest of this season!” claimed @byransublett2. “You just lost the show! You let your FOUR BEST contestants go!”

The Twitter user then wished good luck to Cyrus’s fellow coaches Levine, Shelton, and Hudson and added the hashtags #embarrassment and #lostviewer.

But the disgruntled viewer certainly wasn’t alone when it came to calling out Miley for what some claimed was the wrong decision when picking the final three singers for her team.

“[You] literally ruined my life! [You] let my [two] fav artists from The Voice go #mileykilledrocknroll #TheVoice #thevoiceisboring #mileyruinseverthing,” @Nvermindeh then wrote after seeing the third and final playoff episode play out.

“You should be ashamed as a judge or a coach. You don’t have ears,” another viewer then tweeted to Miley as the show aired on NBC on November 15. “A blind person would [have] picked Adam Pearcing. This should be your last season on #TheVoice. You cannot pick the right people.”

More fans then showed their support for Moriah after she was sent home, telling Miley, “You just lost The Voice #bringbackmoriah,” while Twitter user @HollyDollyDGAF tweeted of the star’s controversial choices, “I don’t even know what to say, I’m still kinda shocked, then again Miley Cyrus is good for making dumb decisions #TheVoice #MoriahShouldveStayed.”

Cyrus hasn’t yet publicly commented on the seriously intense backlash she got from The Voice fans this week after cutting down her team from six to three, but teased that she was excited to let fans know who she was taking with her to the live shows, set to start next week, shortly before the episode aired.

“Smiling thinking about how AWESOME rehearsals [with] #TeamMiley went today!” she tweeted before the third playoff episode aired on NBC, as the show was actually filmed in early September. “So excited for y’all to see the Playoffs and finally know who I’m takin to Lives!”

Miley Cyrus Slammed As An 'Embarrassment' After Controversial Decision On 'The Voice'
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The outcry against Miley — who also came under fire last month for calling out President Donald Trump — came just days after fellow coach Jennifer Hudson also felt the wrath of The Voice’s dedicated viewers.

A number of fans slammed the singer on social media after she threw Cyrus’s boot at contestant Davon Fleming during the first of the three playoff rounds on November 13.

Notably, neither Miley nor Jennifer will return to the show next year. Mainstay coaches Adam and Blake will instead be joined by Alicia Keys and Kelly Clarkson for Season 14 in 2018.

The Voice Season 13 airs on Monday and Tuesday nights on NBC. Live episodes are set to begin on November 20.

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