‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sam Refuses To Sleep With Husband — Twin Truth Rips Marriage Apart

General Hospital spoilers revealed this week show that Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) will unintentionally tear down her marriage with new Jason Morgan (Billy Miller). Sam isn’t telling Jason what he needs to hear, and now it seems she’s avoiding sex. New Jason’s insecurities and jealousy against his Stone Cold twin (Steve Burton) will force a split with Sam, as she tries to clear up the confusion. Sam loves new Jason, but her heart has been tethered to Stone Cold for more than a decade. Sam may think to refuse to take sides is the way to go, but it will break her husband and sends him reeling.

New Jason’s insecurities consume him

The latest GH spoilers and episodes make it clear that everyone in town, aside from new Jason, believe Burton’s Patient 6 is the “real” Jason Morgan. Maybe it’s the face. Since everyone got to know new Jason with the Miller face, he’s never looked like the Jason they knew before. There’s also the fact that he was “Jake Doe” for months until Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) ran the DNA test and declared that he was Jason. Don’t forget that Jake didn’t want to accept the identity — he was forced into it.

Even though Jake Doe didn’t believe he was Jason Morgan, eventually he came to accept it and so did everyone else. Now General Hospital spoilers say that despite new Jason’s insistence that he’s the real deal, he doubts is identity and knows in his heart that he’s Andrew Quartermaine. Of course, he might not be Drew. He could be Jason. The GH writers are twisting fans around and may go back and forth a few times before they reveal the truth. In the end, Burton seems likely to emerge as Jason Morgan.

Sam makes things worse by avoiding intimacy

On Tuesday’s GH, if you listened closely to the dialog, Sam told Carly that her marriage to new Jason is on hold, in many ways. Carly confronted Sam and said she knows that Sam realizes Patient 6 is really Jason. Carly told Sam that she “knew it in her heart” as soon as she saw his old face. Then Carly pushed harder and said that the only reason Sam won’t admit it is for “loyalty to the man you slept with last night.” Shockingly, Sam told Carly she “didn’t sleep with anyone last night.”

Of course, General Hospital spoilers also told us that new Jason stayed up all night brooding and didn’t come to bed. But even if he had, would Sam sleep with him? She’s facing a terrible choice. Even though she married new Jason, if Burton is the real deal, then she was still married to him, and so her marriage to new Jason is a sham. And if Patient 6 is Jason Morgan, Sam would be cheating on him if she slept with Drew. Sam is in a no-win situation but her not sleeping with new Jason will crush him.

New Jason feels betrayed by everyone

The latest General Hospital spoilers from She Knows Soaps say that Patient 6 has many advocates working to get his identity as Jason Morgan confirmed. Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard), Carly, and Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy) are all trying to take new Jason’s life and hand it to Patient 6 whom they all firmly believe is the real deal. The only person new Jason has on his side is Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) who continues to investigate with an eye on helping his buddy keep his life.

GH spoilers promise that Sam is trying to stay neutral but is struggling. New General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central say that new Jason goes to Monica Quartermaine (Leslie Charleson) for comfort, but she also is certain that Burton is Stone Cold even though she loves new Jason too. The poor guy is devastated, and if Sam continues to refuse to sleep with him, the new Morgan’s new marriage will burn down around them. Catch up on the latest scoop on the twin Jason war, how Burton’s return spiked ratings, and the first look at Tamara Braun’s return. Check back for more General Hospital spoilers.

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