‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Billy Miller’s Jason Betrays A Sense Of Insecurity, Does He Know He’s Drew?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers indicate that Jason’s (Billy Miller) intemperate outbursts, belligerent behavior, and exaggerated defensiveness in response to the challenge posed by Patient 6 (Steve Burton) betrays a deep sense of insecurity about his identity as Jason Morgan and a nagging fear that he might be about to lose all that he has lived for in the past years. Jason’s overly loud expressions of confidence that he is the real Jason Morgan and repeated vows that he would prove that Patient 6 is Drew are inconsistent with his constant need for reassurance. Jason’s response to the challenge posed by Patient 6 appears to reflect the saying that the “loudest one in the room is the weakest.”

Is it possible that after confronting Patient 6, Jason senses deep down inside that he is not who he claims to be? Is his vehemence is a cry for help after being caught helplessly in the flood waters of an existential crisis?

In contrast with Jason’s vociferous assertion of his identity, Patient 6 (“classic Jason”) has maintained a dignified air of collectedness that gives the impression that he has unshakable confidence and self-assurance about who he is. Patient 6 feels so confident that he will eventually be vindicated that he seems complacent and dismissive about taking drastic action to claim what he believes is rightfully his.

Sonny (Maurice Bernard) and Carly (Laura Wright) have noticed Patient 6’s rather laid-back attitude and are worried about it. They appear concerned that Patient 6 might actually let the impostor get away with taking over his life. Carly has repeatedly urged Patient 6 to escalate the confrontation and claim his life back.

Fans rooting for Patient 6 might have been struck by Patient 6’s attitude when he calmly told Carly that the whole issue was much ado about nothing and that he wasn’t particularly keen on confronting Jason. When Carly wanted to know what he wanted to be called now that another person had stolen his identity, Patient 6 was shockingly dismissive, saying she could him whatever she liked.

Fans won’t be surprised when Sam (Kelly Monaco) eventually admits to Patient 6 that she believes he could be the real Jason Morgan and acknowledges that she might have been living with an impostor for years. General Hospital spoilers for Friday, November 17 state that Patient 6 makes a passionate plea to Sam. General Hospital spoilers for the week of November 20 state that Sam breaks down and admits that Patient 6’s claim that he is the real Jason Morgan is credible.

It seems clear that when Sam acknowledges Patient 6 as the real Jason Morgan, she is relying on her instinctive recognition of the man she married years ago. As many fans have noted, it is inconceivable that Sam would be unable to recognize the man she married and intimately shared her life with.

General Hospital spoilers state that Jason catches Sam and Patient 6 hugging.

The unfortunate situation in which Jason catches Sam and Patient 6 hugging could only help to escalate the conflict as it adds to Jason’s festering fears about his true identity. Perhaps he already realizes subconsciously that he is Drew. The indication that Sam has also come to the same conclusion could drive him deeper into despair and lead him to build a paradoxical defense against the truth he just can’t bring himself to consciously acknowledge.

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