[Rumor] Intel To Debut Cable TV Service At CES 2013

CES 2013 is just around the corner and the team at Intel may be preparing to showcase a new cable TV service that circumvents the traditional cable TV model.

For the last several years Intel has tried to partner with various TV manufacturers and content partners but has failed to form a suitable partnership. According to recent rumors the company instead decided to build its own cable TV and VOD products and then combine both services to create a 21st century cable and video streaming platform.

According to rumors the new Intel cable TV offering will come equipped with an Intel created cable TV box that will provide facial recognition software. By identifying viewers in the room via facial recognition the company hopes to better personalize the TV viewing experience on a user by user basis.

Another rumor suggests that the Intel created set top box will feature a “one month” option that allows viewers to recall any TV show they missed over the last month.

In what could be the biggest win for Intel, the company may allow for “pay per channel” or less bulkier packages which will save customers money and finally allow them to only subscribe to the TV channels they want to watch.

Intel recently enrolled in Comcast’s Reference Design Kit program but it is still unclear as to what type of partnership that enrollment might entail. Comcast is not quick to give up its cable TV market share and Intel seems bent on going in alone when it comes to launching a new type of TV service.

Intel will hold its official CES press conference on January 7, 2013, at which time more details about Intel Cable TV service may be revealed.