Prince William And Kate Middleton To Become King And Queen? Conflicting Reports On What The Queen Is Planning

Recent reports claim that Queen Elizabeth is “forcing” Prince Charles to step aside to allow Prince William to become the King of England alongside his wife, Duchess Catherine, who would then become the new Queen of England. Meanwhile, there are conflicting reports that these headlines may not be true. What are the conflicting reports and what do we know now?

There is no doubt that Prince William and Kate Middleton are two of the most popular royals. According to Express, only Prince Harry is more popular than William with over 70 percent popularity. However, the heir apparent, Prince Charles, has only 33 percent popularity. Even the Queen has suffered in the recent opinion polls, dropping from 72 percent to 66 percent in light of the latest Paradise Papers scandal. Kate also polled favorably, just below the Queen.

With these sorts of numbers, it is no surprise that the headlines continue to claim that the Queen wants William and Kate to become king and queen, and she asked Prince Charles to step aside.

In August, the Inquisitr reported that Life & Style magazine’s “inside sources” revealed that the Queen believes William and Kate are “the future.” Their source also claimed that the Queen thinks that her grandson and his wife can return the “respect” that the monarchy once had.

“Her Majesty realized that William and Kate are the future. She has spent 65 years making sure that the House of Windsor survives, and she sees William and Kate as having the energy and star quality to do the job in a modern world.”

Gossip Cop reports that they confirmed with Kensington Palace that the “royal fantasy” claiming that William and Kate will be king and queen is untrue.

They allege that the publications stating that William will be king are the same ones that are publishing unfounded reports that Kate Middleton is having twins or twin daughters. Gossip Cop has alleged that Kensington Palace confirmed she is only having one baby.

Now, Express has just reported “the winds of change are sweeping through palace corridors.” and they have indicated that not all is running smoothly at Buckingham Palace. It alleges that while Prince Charles has finally begun taking over royal duties for his mother, Queen Elizabeth, “trouble is brewing.”

While the publication contends that although Prince Charles has spent his “entire life” preparing to be king, many believe it would be best for Charles to step back and allow William to become king.

Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams told Express that the question is whether William should be the next king.

“If time passes, and Prince William is more and more at the center of the stage, one question I think is bound to be asked.”

Fitzwilliams then asks whether it is best for the royal family if William takes the throne. William is the future, and the “winds of change” seems to want his fresh ideas about what the royal family is and what they represent.

“Would it be in everybody’s best interests, including those of the Prince of Wales, for a new, young, next generation, Prince William, to succeed to the throne?”

It is well known that the Queen does not want a repeat of what occurred, with her cousin David, Edward VIII. Fitzwilliams claims that when he was forced to abduct from the throne, this “haunted” the royal family.

Without giving any details, the royal expert believes that the Queen believes that Charles could step aside “naturally.”

If Charles should “step aside” for his son for the sake of the monarchy is still yet to be determined. What is clear now is Prince Charles is taking over many of the Queen’s royal duties, and all may assume that he will take the throne next, and Prince William will wait his turn to become king.

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