Who Got Voted Off ‘Survivor’ Season 35 Tonight? Week 8 Results

There was a fight for the hidden immunity idol tonight on Survivor Season 35, as these castaways are unsure of where they stand in the game and want to ensure safety for themselves. Tensions were high on Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers tonight, but who got voted off Survivor Season 35 tonight? Find out the Week 8 results below in our Survivor spoilers.

Last week on Survivor HHH, the castaways celebrated, as the merge finally took place. While alliances were shifting and castaways were reunited with some of their original tribe members, the focus had to be on staying in the game. Desi won the first individual immunity challenge, so she was safe for the week. At tribal council, the focus seemed to be on Joe or Cole being voted out. Because of that, Joe played his hidden immunity idol and kept himself safe. However, no votes were cast for him, as they went to Chrissy and Jessica instead. In the end, it was Jessica eliminated from the competition.

For tonight, we moved into a new set of challenges. The reward challenge had them using slingshots to hit boards. The winning team got a family-style spaghetti dinner, as they would eat one-by-one and have as much as they wanted. However, the more they ate, the less the next people got to eat. The plate had a clue on it, which Cole, Chrissy, and Ryan all saw.

Once back at camp, Cole went to the bathroom, so Ryan quickly went to search for the hidden idol and found it. Cole saw Chrissy trying to cover up the spot, which is what led to a brawl of four of them digging in the sand for an idol Ryan already had in his pants.

Ben thought Cole found it, so he said it was a bigger target on Cole’s back. He did not have it, but Cole did win immunity on Survivor Season 35, so he was safe tonight. Since he was safe, it was a matter of everyone else wanting a Healer gone. That meant either Desi or Joe. It turns out, they wanted Desi gone first, as she was voted off tonight on Survivor.

Survivor Season 35 Spoilers - Desiree Williams
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