LeeAnne Locken Hints Mark Deuber Is Growing Tired Of His Wife As Well

LeeAnne Locken felt it was too much for Mark Deuber to join the ladies on the couch at the Real Housewives of Dallas reunion special. Andy Cohen felt that Mark needed to weigh in on the drama, as many of the rumors were about him. LeeAnne had revealed that Mark had hooked up with guys behind Cary’s back at a famous gay bar in Dallas called “The Round Up.” However, LeeAnne later admitted that she didn’t remember saying those things about Mark because she said them right before surgery.

But during the reunion, Locken backed down a bit. She admitted that those things could be hurtful, and she hinted that she was sorry. And yet, in her blog for the show, she revealed that Cary Deuber was so pushy that even Mark Deuber appeared to be tired of her constantly talking. According to a new Bravo report, LeeAnne Locken revealed that she found it annoying that Cary kept interrupting her when she was trying to issue an apology to Mark for the things she had said about him. She made a note that even Mark was bothered by Cary’s interruptions, as she was trying to make a civil apology to Cary’s husband.

“It was beyond frustrating that as I was trying to apologize to Mark, Cary just wanted to fight. I think a better word for it is “exhausting.” Even Mark dismissed her attack, so apparently, I’m not the only one who finds her ‘exhausting,'” LeeAnne Locken explains in her Bravo blog, revealing that she found it exhausting to apologize to Mark.

It does seem like a last-minute dig at Cary to slam her for interrupting LeeAnne when she was trying to apologize. Plus, she also seems to make a dig at Cary when she points out that Mark seemed bothered by his wife’s interruptions. Mark may have a different perspective on the situation, but it’s clear that LeeAnne is trying to get the last word in before the season officially comes to a close.

LeeAnne Locken has revealed that she has no plans of returning to The Real Housewives of Dallas as she just wants to focus on her charity work and her late-summer wedding to Rich. However, many housewives have threatened to quit in the heat of the moment but then come back to the show. Fans will have to wait and see what she does.

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