Marvel's 'The Punisher' Reviews: Netflix Series Getting Mixed Response, How It Ranks Among Netflix Hero Shows

Early reviews of Marvel's The Punisher series have been trickling in ahead of the Netflix debut later this week. The brand new superhero installment in Marvel's television universe will star Jon Bernthal and features the return of Daredevil's Karen Page. The rest of the supporting cast will be much different than the other Marvel shows as will the type of hero that the show examines. Frank Castle isn't exactly Superman or Daredevil in terms of performing heroic acts. With all of that said, how are critics responding to The Punisher show so far, and how's it rank amongst the rest of the Netflix superhero shows?

According to the latest Rotten Tomatoes' "Tomatometer," The Punisher has an aggregate percentage rating of 72 percent out of 100. Some reviews praise the show, while others seem sour on it. At least one reviewer mentions it's not quite as bad as Iron Fist, but just a bit better than it in terms of the Netflix Marvel shows. In one of the more positive reviews given by Digital Spy, it's mentioned that the star's performance is what makes this show worth watching. "Jon Bernthal is giving the performance of his life, so any time spent away from him feels wasted," reviewer Sam Ashurst says.

For the consensus on the show, Rotten Tomatoes suggests as follows.
"A rocky start can't keep The Punisher from pushing the boundaries of Marvel's TV universe with a fresh take on the comics-derived action thriller."
Dante Chavez of AV Club notes that "it doesn't look or feel like any other show in the small-screen MCU." However, Slashfilms' Chris Evangelista noted the "show is a drag" and a "misfire for Marvel." Other reviews praise the show's ability to handle veterans dealing with their integration back into society. Basically, the reviews are mixed in terms of love or hate towards the show. Diehard fans of Marvel's character, as well as fans of the other Netflix shows, will give their own opinions soon enough.
In terms of its current rank amongst Netflix superhero shows, the 72 percent score puts it just below the recent Marvel release on Netflix, The Defenders, which has a 74 overall. Other shows are higher up in the listing with Daredevil(86), Jessica Jones (92), and Luke Cage (95), setting the bar quite high going forward.

Marvel's The Punisher is set for its official 13-episode first season release this coming Friday, November 17 on Netflix. By then fans will be able to fully weigh in with their thoughts on how the creators of the show were able to bring Frank Castle to the Marvel television universe.

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